NetBeans Day Mobility Demo (15 Minutes)


Mobility is easily a 1 hour presentation, which will be delivered in the associated TechDays. The point of this demo is to peak developer interest and entice them to attend the full hour TechDays session. To the enterprise developer, the most powerful feature of the Mobility Pack is the ability to extend existing enterprise applications to the mobile device, so this short demo will touch on that feature.

Product Versions Supported

NetBeans 4.0+

Points to Hit

  • The Mobility Pack allows you to stretch your enterprise applications to the handset.
  • The visual designer allows you to quickly assembly mobile applications.
  • 3rd party emulator support. You can see how the app will run on your phone!

Demo Prep

  • Download and extract and open the server monitor application.
  • Downoad and extract the mobile server montitor application. We'll open it later as part of the demo.
  • Download install and configure the Nokia Prototype SDK. Add the Nokia Emulator Platform to NetBeans.


  1. If you the following error running the MMA project: Incompatible Protocol Version: Client's version '17-Aug-2006-/12:18:59EDT' does not match server's version '21-Oct-2006/17:40:30-CDT' make sure you regenerate the stubs and redeploy as documented below.


  1. Run the MonitorWebApplication to show what it does.
  2. Create a new MobileApplication named MobileMonitorApplication. Uncheck the option to create the Hello MIDlet.
  3. Start the Mobile Client to Web Application wizard
    1. Make sure MonitorWebApp is the Web Application and click Next.
    2. Select all methods in the monitor project and click Next.
    3. Put the WebToMobileClient in the monitor package and click Finish.
  4. Redeploy the MonitorWebApplication
  5. Run the MobileMonitorApplication project. As simple as that, we've brought our enterprise data to the phone!
  6. Close MobileMonitorApplication project and open MMA version of the project you downloaded above. This version better summarizes the data and provides a graphical view of the server's memory use.
    1. Open the WebToMobileClient.wsclient file and click the Generate Stubs button. The generated files contain timestamps for version checking, and this will put the timestamps of the client and server back in synch.
    2. Redeploy the MonitorWebApp
    3. Run the application and walk through the screens.
    4. Show the visual design of this application.
    5. Drag a new List Element to the menu and rename it Help.
    6. Drag an Alert screen to the canvas and connect the About list element to the alert.
    7. Double-click the alert to open it in the Screen Designer. Add some text, such as This applicatoin allows you to monitor the servers in your data center from your cell phone.
    8. Run the application again, showing off the new functionality.
  7. Switch the emulator to one of the Nokias and run the project again. I generally use the Nokia Prototype SDK 4.0 for Java ME emulator platform with the Prototype_4_0_S60_MIDP_Emulator device.

Demo Cleanup

These are the necessary steps to take in order to successfully run the demo again on the same machine.

  1. Delete the MonitorWebApplication
  2. Delete the MobileMonitorApplication
  3. Delete the MMA
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