BlueJ Demo (5 Minutes)


This demo shows the NetBeans BlueJ Edition.

Product Versions Supported

  • BlueJ 2.1.3
  • NetBeans 5.0 BlueJ Edition

Points to Hit

  • The only real point of this demo is just to raise awareness of our partnership with BlueJ.
  • BlueJ's cool object visualization and inspection.
  • NetBeans BlueJ Edition can open BlueJ projects.
  • Changes made to the project from with tool are picked up by the other.
  • You get the simplicity of BlueJ and the power of NetBeans (code completion, refactoring, Matisse, source control, etc.)

Demo Prep


  • Nothing known at this time.


  • Poll the audience to get a feel for how many teach Java and/or have heard of BlueJ. This will give you an idea of how much time to focus on this feature.
  • Open the Calculator Project in BlueJ, compile, create a new instance of calculator and exectute it's show() method to launch the UI.
  • Do some basic math then Inspect the Calculator instance and the the CalcEngine instance.
  • Open the same project in NetBeans. Show the new BlueJ project view.
  • Make a change to the project in NetBeans (e.g., change the "?" key to "Help") and show that BlueJ is seeing those same changes.
  • I'd like to show how to upgrade to a NetBeans project, but this currently fails because of bug 84934
  • Show the Module Manager and the disabled modules. This allows the user to grow into the IDE.

Demo Cleanup


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