VCS Project Type and API

initiator Wade Chandler

The goal: be able to create VCS modules as first class Netbeans citizens more easily

Every time you turn around there is someone asking about VCS system XYZ on the nbusers list. Apparently nobody can use an IDE without their particular VCS system being supported by an IDE. To me (Wade Chandler) that doesn't make very much sense as UI clients for VCSs usually have better support for their own server than anything else, but none the less this gets brought up all the time. Instead of having to use only Netbeans.org developer resources to support such things it could be made easier with an extensible API, project type, and wizards which make this sort of thing easier from within the IDE. This way someone who knows a VCS system could come in and start quickly and more easily building a plug-in which ties into the IDE for a given VCS. We will need to get developer comments on this page.

Developer Comments on design and issues

Currently, we are in the process of stabilizing and reviewing Versioning API that would allow external contributors to write a fully-integrated support for various versioning systems. We expect to have it ready by 6.0.

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