Want to become a Dream Team member?

Please read the Dream Team Processes, Guidelines, and Rules

The process is simple:

  • Any nominee, whether requested or nominated by the Dream Team, must have a demonstrated track record of supporting NetBeans on the mailing lists, editing the Wiki, blogging about NetBeans features, contributing patches, creating IssueZilla issue requests such as defects, enhancements, etc, writing books or articles, creating presentations, podcasting, or something similar in support of NetBeans. Note: Certain parties can also be considered a guest of the Dream Team and may join the Dream Team mailing lists. These people will follow the same rules as members less membership benefits. They must be nominated, asked if they want to be a member, accept, and be a demonstrated supporter of NetBeans. i.e. Many Oracle employees are Dream Team guests as Oracle employees can not be Dream Team members.
    • There are two types of nominees
    • Those nominated by the Dream Team: A person with a publicly demonstrated track record of supporting NetBeans is nominated by a current Dream Team member. The nominees information, such as web site, blog, NB history, etc, will be sent to the DT mailing list and including in their nomination poll. Individuals nominated by Dream Team members, not per the nominees request, shall be voted on before asking the person to send information or to accept the role. This keeps the Dream Team from wasting others time or getting their hopes up just to be denied membership when it was the Dream Team whom asked them to be a member.
    • Those nominating themselves: Individuals who would like to be nominated must contact a current Dream Team member about nominating them. The burden is on the person who wishes to be nominated to convince the Dream Team member they should be nominated.
  • A nomination email will be sent to the Dream Team mailing list by the nominating member or a sponsor member (someone contacted by a community member wishing to be nominated). This email will contain all the relevant information which can be included in an election email/ballot. The subject should resemble: "NOMINATION I would like to nominate ${Person's Name}"
  • A simple +1/0/-1 poll or call for votes will take place on the Dream Team private mailing list.
  • The current Dream Team members will vote on the individual. Dream Team voting is based on majority rule. Which ever way that may fall, either the majority of those voting choose +1 or they choose -1. All 0's means +1 since someone nominated the person. That will be the decision.
    • Majority rule was chosen after pains of not being able to move forward with ideas in a timely manner. If a member feels strongly someone should not be a member they will have the week to explain their case to the rest of the Dream Team members and the members may change their votes any time before the elections end.
    • The election will be the time for deciding, so those needing to give input and opinions have this time to use for that purpose.
  • Once the election is over, the nominee will be invited or not. If denied, and the aversion is surmountable, the person may be nominated again. For instance, if they have not supported NetBeans long enough, they can go through the trials of supporting NetBeans a while longer and become a member. Sometimes a person will be voted down simply because they are too new to the community.
  • The election will last for 5 business days or 1 week.
  • If elected, the nominee will be sent an invitation email using the new member invitiation template
  • Members are asked on a yearly basis if they would like to continue to be a member. They may opt out at any time. Members who opt out will become Honorary Members.

Note to Dream Team members

This process is not meant to be difficult or to keep people out or away from the Dream Team, so please be reasonable when voting for possible members. Remember everyone contributes to NetBeans voluntarily and with their own time. Please use reasonable judgment and take this into consideration.

Ways of contributing and examples:


Once a member has been accepted we need to aggregate information to make it easier for others to locate.

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