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Subject: NetBeans Dream Team Invitation


The NetBeans Dream Team would like to invite you to be a member of our team. We have noticed and appreciate your contributions to the NetBeans community, and we feel you would make an excellent addition to the Dream Team!

For more information about the NetBeans Dream Team please visit: http://wiki.netbeans.org/NetBeansDreamTeam

During your process of deciding upon this invitation, please keep in mind we are all alike in that we are busy, work for a living, and only have as much free time as we have to devote to the team. Any contributions are welcome.

You have been selected because of what you have done in the NetBeans community thus far. Of course we hope you are able to continue, and we hope being a member of our team makes that a little easier, but we have specifically setup our processes to be flexible enough for anyone to participate.

We respect either decision you choose. If the decision is to not become a member, we hope you continue to be a valuable contributor to the NetBeans community, and thank you for your time and contributions.

Whether it be NetBeans Rich Client Platform applications, plugins or fixes and patches for the IDE, documentation, blogging , writing about it, or demonstrating it, we feel NetBeans is a valuable project, and your contributions make it better. Too, it is simply more fun because you are part of it!

If the decision is yes, then Welcome Aboard! We can’t wait to see how you help guide and shape the future of the Dream Team. Please read: http://wiki.netbeans.org/DTMissionStatementAndProcess

We ask you write a small paragraph or two about what being a member of the Dream Team means to you, and how you hope to use your new status to help shape the future direction of the team and the NetBeans community. We ask you share this with the rest of the team. You may blog your statement as well. We plan on taking al new members statements or at least quotes from them and creating a small welcome article on the NetBeans DZone: http://netbeans.dzone.com

We need an email address you would like added to the NetBeans Dream Team mailing list. This is mostly where we communicate, and we do not share this address with those outside the team as we understand everyone has a full inbox. Along with the mailing list we have various calls with the Oracle team, and those are setup through the mailing list.

Thank you again for your time and contributions,

The NetBeans Dream Team http://wiki.netbeans.org/NetBeansDreamTeam http://www.netbeans.org

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