Netbeans Dream Team Honorary Members

Honorary members are previous Dream Team members who opted out. They must be a Dream Team member for a continuous year before they are Honorary Members. They reserve the right to be a Dream Team guest at any time. They do not reserve the right to use the Dream Team logo in future works. They do not receive any software, hardware, clothing, or other material benefits which may or may not be given to Dream Team Members.

Honorary Members

Name Reasons
David Strupl David became a full-time employee of Sun Microsystems (Now Oracle Corporation).
Glenn Holmer Glenn resigned in July 2008 due to external priorities that limited his participation on the team. He continues to be active on the mailing lists--providing support--and in the NetCAT programs.
James Gosling Dream Team member presented Dr. Gosling, father of Java, with a Dream Team T-Shirt and named him an honorary member on stage at JavaOne 2009.
Tom Wheeler Tom resigned his regular membership in November 2011. He was one of our first new members right after Glenn Holder and Emilian Bold a little over four years ago. He has been a huge help in all types of community tasks. For instance, Tom started the "First Patch" program. He was instrumental in helping get the NB Innovators Grant project off the ground and in mentoring projects. Tom is off to a new career, and we wish him nothing but the best. He remains an honorary member, and we are grateful he remains in any capacity.
Varun Nischal Varun's career priorities changed and he resigned in April 2009. He still remains in touch with the NetBeans community.
Vincent Brabant Vincent resigned from the DreamTeam in June 2009 to devote more of his time to personal priorities.
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