Netbeans Dream Team Grid IDE Discussion

initiators Wade Chandler and Bruno Souza

Grid IDE

This is a discussion of a possible Netbeans Grid IDE. A grid can be one or more computers. The IDE will also facility multi-user or group development on projects as well as grid type services such as compiling a project on multiple computers at the same time. Each computer will share the load of development. Processors should be able to be defined, and works stations may possibly be marked as transient in the system.

As much collaboration support as possible should be built into the server and the IDE. Grids should be able to be linked together. Each server should be able to support multiple projects. The entire scope of project development and infrastructure should be looked at as possibly being supported.

Grid IDE Server

...should be superfluos and only needed in "instable" environments. The IDEs (peers) communicate with each other in p2p manner. Projects and Project Groups are defined as logical domains with independent constraints and capabilities.

Grid Compilation

Group/Multi-user Project and File Editing

Idea/Issue Tracking

Task Tracking

Project Management

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