• 20120202 John Yeary, Kirk Pepperdine, Jonathan Spooner, Zoran Sevarac join the Dream Team
  • 20111215 New member nominations begin
  • 20110330-20111227 A lot of different major to minor things. Phone calls with Oracle, bug fixes/finding, Tom Wheeler requested to become an honary member as he will not have much time for NetBeans or software in general as he has a new career (we all wish him the best in it!...too we hope he hangs out and chats with us as much as he can!). With that Tom requested we have a new member nomination round.
  • 20110329 Dream Team, NetBeans Team, and Oracle are starting to work together on ideas for netbeans.org infrastructure. The goal for this week is to have issues enumerated.
  • 20110325 Had a conference call with the NB Team and Oracle to talk about the NB road map and other things. Many promising and exciting things we will be writing about and talking about soon.
  • 20110322 We restarted our IRC chats. We are trying to push new ideas and concepts and generally do more by communicating better. So far, it seems to be going well.
  • 20110301 Trying to reinvigorate the team and the project as a whole. Had a conference call with the Oracle team and talked about the NB project and community, governance and model, infrastructure, community involvement and contributions, etc.
  • 200808 The Dream Team announced the winners of the NB Innovator Grants. + 2 Golden Medals and 2 Silver Medal.
  • 20080414 The Dream Team select the winning projects for the NB Innovator Grants. This was a very hard process as there were many many good submissions, and we debated continuously until we had our final selections. (See the Grants Project Status page.)
  • 20080201 The Dream Team and Sun Microsystems (Bruno Souza and others) finalize NB Innovator Grants contest and rules...submissions open
  • 20080104 David Strupl announced to the Dream Team he would be stepping down as he became an employee of Sun Microsystems
  • 20070823 Tom Wheeler joined the DT
  • 20070313 Glenn Holmer and Emilian Bold joined the DT on invitation of Wade Chandler
  • 20070222 NetBeans Dream Team has a logo
  • 20070218 Poll tool and Yahoo tech group setup
  • 20070124 Wiki established
  • 20070123 Mailing list established
  • 20070118 Dream Team founded

Members were selected by Bruno Souza. The 11 founding members are:

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