This page is dedicated to our team, who had started this documentation project to driven by the community.

Launched in March 2007, the Multilingual Community Docs Program encourages NetBeans users to take an active role in growing the community's knowledge base. It calls on community members to contribute tutorials and screencasts, to answer user FAQs, translate existing documentation into other languages, and more.

Started off by James, then came Amit and Varun, who did exceptional work in the success of the program, which has got over 300 docs! We also have two evangelists in Aristides and Kristian.

Later on, Kristian took over Coordinator position in April 2009, while Varun left the team at the same time. In September 2009, James stepped down from the program and Jeffrey took over the program's Manager position.



Jeffrey Rubinoff (Newly Added)
Content Manager
Amit Kumar Saha
Kristian Rink
Aristides Villarreal Bravo, Kristian Rink
Editor, Monthly Newsletters
Josh Juneau

Honorary Members

Mar '07 - Aug '09
James Branam (Manager)
Sep '07 - Apr '08
Amit Kumar Saha (Coordinator)
May '08 - Mar '09
Varun Nischal (Coordinator)

Project Home

Click on the header, to see our project's home page. Here, you would get detailed info of work done by our Team. Following are the phases of our program, it has gone through-

Phase Range of Docs Extras
Phase 1a 01 - 50 James lead the program from scratch.
Phase 1b 51 - 100 Amit was appointed 1 as Coordinator. Together with James, did exceptional work, in promoting the program.
Phase 2a 101 - 138 Blog 2 and Archive 2 on Nb.org was created, Groups 3 on Social Network were created.
Phase 2b 139 - 200 Varun was appointed 4 as Coordinator. Together with James, expanded 5 the program, with the power of Web 2.0! Renaissance of an Idea 6, and new era of blogging 2.
Phase 3a 201 - 238 Welcome our evangelists 7. Acknowledging Heroes 8, Project got Community Recognition 9 during NetBeans B'day Bash, 100 Docs contributed since 1st May 4 and new era of documentation about to begin.
Phase 3b 239 - 280 Project Wiki being re-structured 10 and distributed over several sub-level wikis, Localized and English one's, categorizing nearly 250 docs in several domains so as to ease the search for community contributed documentation.
Phase 3c 281 - 306 Joshua Juneau joins our team and he will be responsible for publishing monthly newsletters from January 2009 onwards. Also, we reach yet another milestone (300 docs) on the eve of the program's 2nd anniversary 11.
Phase 4a 307 onwards Kristian Rink takes over the reins of contribution coordinator. Have a look at the announcement made in weekly newsletter 12.

Featured Articles & Interviews

As you know being a manager of this program, James Branam has been interviewed, delivered a presentation, as well as writing articles from time-to-time, which were featured in NetBeans Zone, NetBeans.org and NetBeans Podcast..

Not to forget.. Amit Kumar Saha, who wrote an article, which also features an Interview of James Branam by the author for Linux For You and represented our program at Sun Tech Days, Hyderabad (29th Feb, 2008)




Sun Tech Days

Get Inspired, Start Writing...


So, finally we meet, though virtually ;) We maintain a list of our private meetings schedule and minutes, only Team members take part in those meets.


#1 Amit became 1st Coordinator
#2 Phase II announcement
#3 Facebook and MySpace
#4 Varun became 2nd Coordinator
#5 Revolution Begins
#6 Editing Support for Multiple Wiki Engines
#7 Welcome Evangelists
#8 Heroes
#9 Community Recognition
#10 NetBeans Community Docs Reloaded
#11 2nd Anniversary of the program
#12 Weekly Newsletter #386

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