Netbeans Community Docs Newsletter # 23 - March 2009

Welcome to the Netbeans Community Docs Newsletter for March 2009.

Lots going on in the Netbeans community right now. Please check out 6.7 if you have a chance...and if you are interested then please become a NetCAT 6.7 member to help test out the functionality of the new release.


How to enforce NetBeans to use pre-defined Manifest file - Mohamed Magdy Shaheen

Tips and Tricks

Ejecutando archivos .sql desde NetBeans - Diego E. Silva L


Pool de conexion en Glassfish (desde Glassfish y desde NetBeans) - Diego E. Silva L

Python Quick Start with Netbeans -Josh Juneau

JAX-WS Web Services in a Java EE 5 Web Application (Netbeans 6, Maven2, GlassFish V2) - Łukasz Budnik

Installing Android Plugin into NetBeans IDE - Martin Adamek

Thanks for reading the newsletter, please send any questions, comments, or suggestions to the team.

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