Evaluation of bugs reported in Community Acceptance survey for NetBeans IDE 7.4

All bugs listed in the following table were selected by respondents of the NetBeans IDE 7.4 Community Acceptance survey as potential release showstoppers. Quality Engineering department evaluated all of them prior to releasing FCS to be sure that nothing got overlooked. We thank everybody who participated in the survey.

Bug # Description Priority Area Evaluation
Issue 236153 UI freeze while navigating in hierarchy P3 Java Not reproducible.
Issue 230061 copy/paste does not work on OS X with JDK 8 for some file types P1 Platform NetBeans 7.4 does not support running on JDK8 yet.
Issue 236317 [74cat] Throwable at org.netbeans.modules.editor.fold.FoldChildren.insertImpl P1 Editor Although this defect is valid for NetBeans 7.4, the issue is not so highly visible and all Exception Reports were logged for development builds. We've added logging, so we will look at this issue after some feedback for the final NetBeans 7.4 is gathered.
Issue 236425 Error badge is missing in editor tab when erroneous file is opened P3 Platform Not a stopper, the error icon kicks in as soon as the file is modified.
Issue 236361 NetBeans Freezes on JDKu40 and Java 8 P1 Platform JDK bug, already reported and escalated to JDK team.
Issue 235288 Move Line(s) Up/Down duplicates line P3 Editor We will evaluate this bug as potential candidate for Patch 1.
Issue 236230 netbeans 7.4 RC freezing when opening a file P3 Debugger P3, not a stopper.
Issue 234870 Cordova or Git not found on Windows P2 Web Originally reported problem is fixed, the fix for Issue 236730 will be distributed in Patch 1.
Issue 236438 Groovy classes not found during run. Not in target directory. Maven project. P3 Groovy Still under evaluation but we do not consider this as a stopper for NetBeans 7.4.
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