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JavaFX 2.0, 2.x, and 3.x supports/will support development with both 32 bit and 64 bit Java SDKs on Windows, Mac, Linux and possibly other platforms. NetBeans 7.3 JavaFX module will support all JavaFX platforms as they become available. NetBeans 7.3 will extend the JavaFX support module to include JavaFX 2.x, and 3.x features when they appear or have appeared after 7.2 feature freeze and will improve the support of existing ones.

JavaFX RT and/or SDK will eventually be part of Java RT/JDK, but this is not the case in all Java 7 distributions yet. NetBeans must enable user configuration of which JavaFX installation to use with which JDK in a NetBeans JavaFX project. This is done since NetBeans 7.1 by setting up a "JavaFX-enabled Java platform".

This is part of: NetBeans 7.3 Editor Plan

Previous plans: NetBeans 7.1 JavaFX2 support plan, NetBeans 7.2 JavaFX2 support plan


JavaFX Project Build Infrastructure / Deployment

  • Image:yes_EditorPlan68.png RT-21204 Changes in JDK 7u6 on Win, Mac, Linux will be supported (Petr, ~12 days)
  • Image:yes_EditorPlan68.png Issue 212147 Support multiple concurrent runs of the same FX Project. (currently this is not explicitly supported and leads to occassional launch failures.) (Petr, ~5 days)
  • Image:yes_EditorPlan68.png Issue 214498 Support native deployment introduced in JDK 7u6/FX SDK 2.2 + update build infrastructure to take use of JavaFX packager Ant task API 1.2 extensions in general. (see, e.g., FX-in-Swing deployment task issue below) (Petr, ~6 days)
  • Issue 213572 Make manifest extendable by custom properties. (Petr, ~3 days)
  • Image:yes_EditorPlan68.png Issue 212394 Fallback JavaScript-free build infrastructure to ensure at least limited functionality on JDKs without scripting engine (Petr, ~5-10 days)

SceneBuilder Support / Raw FXML Editing

  • ongoing support of interoperability plugin (?, ? days)
  • improvements in Issue 198730 - CSS3 FX Specific Support (Petr, 5 days)
  • Issue 212020 New Empty FXML Wizard should allow creating Controller class in other package than FXML (Petr, 2-3 days)
  • Image:yes_EditorPlan68.png Issue 216592 New Controller from an existing FXML - (Svata, 5 days)
  • Issue 204757 - JavaFX Editor Live Templates (Svata, 7 days)
  • Issue 202974 - Create custom preloader in New FXML App wizard (Petr, 2-3 days)

Source Editing

  • Image:yes_EditorPlan68.png Issue 211826 Insert Code... ->Add Property... should support JavaFX2 properties (Ralph)
  • Issue 205086 Main Application/Class Refactoring to correctly update FX-specific properties (?Petr, 3 days)
  • Issue 205085 Preloader Refactoring to correctly update FX-specific properties (?Petr, 3 days)

JavaFX-Enabled Platforms

  • Issue 208800 Improved platform detection, partly done but not e.g. the graying out of settings in case of correctly identified JDK platform (Petr, ~5 days)
  • Issue 207868 Possibility to setup JavaFX location manually through properties only (Petr, ~1 day)
  • (partly done) NetBeans JavaFX project platform independence will be improved (projects transferred to a system with differently configured "JavaFX-enabled Java platforms" will be reconfigured automatically)
  • (partly done) Issue 212238 Do not allow selection of "non-FX" Java platform in FX Project Properties dialog

Swing-FX Interoperability

  • Image:yes_EditorPlan68.png Issue 215716 Update FX-in-Swing build infrastructure to use new dedicated Ant tasks, if available in new FX SDK instead of the current limited workaround. (Petr, ~2 days)
  • Better main class skeleton to illustrate interoperability between Swing and FX event queues. (Petr, ~1 day)

Project Properties

JavaFX platform configuration options keep getting extended. NetBeans surfaces in the UI the key settings/parameters/properties of JavaFX 2.0 and 2.1. NetBeans 7.3 will add support for settings that became standard in JavaFX after NetBeans 7.2 feature freeze. Most of these should be uncomplicated to surface.

  • Issue 213586 support for generic property passing to deployment tasks (helpful for developers working with FX SDK newer than that supported by latest NetBeans) (Petr, ~2-3 days, with UI 7 days)
  • Issue 212400 required FX RT version specifiable by user (Petr, ~3 days)
  • Issue 210868 percentage values in applet size will be supported (Petr, ~1-2 days)
  • Issue 212566 - Support embeddedWidth and embeddedHeight for an applet (Petr, ~1-2 days)
  • Issue 204758 various other properties to be surfaced (Petr, ~5 - 10 days)
    • HTML parameters
    • splash
    • application ID and placeholder
    • optional FX BLOB signing
    • includeDT
    • embedJNLP
    • etc.



The following features are deferred from the 7.3 plan, because of time/resource issues:

  • Issue 204743 - FXML Organize Imports Support (Svata, 5 days)
  • Issue 212957 like with Java SE, a dedicated project type "Application with Existing Sources" would be helpful (Petr, ~14 days)
  •  ? new project (sub)type to simplify creation of NetBeans modules that permit using JavaFX components (Petr, ? 25 days)
  • Issue 208768 - Provide special indenting for JavaFX builders (?, ? days)
  • Issue 202344 Issue 202090 Wizard for detecting installed JavaFX SDK should be implemented like it is done in Mobility for detecting Java ME SDK. (?Petr, ?12 days)
  • Issue 213219 JavaFX Class Library sub-project. Standard Java Class Library is not usable in FX context. (Petr, ~7 days)
  • improvements in project metafile auto-update (current implementation does not update project properties) (Petr, ~3-5 days)
  • FX performance automated test (Petr, 7 days)


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