This is an implementation plan for performance-related work targeted for NetBeans 7.3 release. It covers work done by all engineering, except routine bugfixing. Milestones below show which tasks should be finished by given date. Completed tasks have the check mark.



Memory usage

Issue 215159 serious memory hogging by MavenProject's projectBuildingRequest field. (Milos)

Issue 215127 consider removing usage of MavenProject.getParent(). (Milos)

Issue 123872 Reduce memory consumption for huge C/C++ projects (Vladimir)

Issue 221331 "Action Items" tab makes C/C++ IDE unusable (Marek)

Issue 219603 Memory leak in org.openide.awt.ToolbarWithOverflow$2 (Theofanis)

Issue 223339 java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded (Lahvac)

Issue 221386 memory leak (java parsing) (Lahvac)

Issue 221178 CompilationInfo held in memory (Denis)

Issue 221169 CompilationInfo held in memory (Tomas Hurka)

Issue 221153 CompilationInfo held in Refactoring Context (Martin Fousek)

Issue 223094 Use List.nil() where possible (Dusan,Lahvac)

Issue 221175 Inefficient usage of LinkedList (Tomas)

Issue 223339 java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded (Lahvac)

Issue 219962 Strange things happens (Martin)

Issue 219962 Memory Leak in Refactoring UI (Becoun)

Issue 219962 Memory exhausted after long time netbeans is running (Martin Fousek)

Issue 218063 6 instances of Symtab (Dusan)

Issue 217339 Not Enough Memory To Compile Project (Possible Memory Leak?) -> 5 dep. issues

Issue 222114 After Adding an Interface-Methode, NetBeans got´s unresponseable (Tomas Z)

Issue 221357 OutOfMemoryError after Building projects (Tomas Z)

Issue 219155 OutOfMemoryError after start NetBeans (Dusan)

Issue 222280 Reduce memory consumption in scanning infrastructure (Tomas Z)

Java Script Editor

Issue 223237 Editor hiccups on less then 1M js files (Petr Pisl)

Usability improvements


Memory tests resurrected and improved


statistics server improvements

- use suspicions method as slowness summary
- do not consider similar stacktraces when reopening report
- Issue 223302 allow to submit npss files from 'Profile Me Now!' as slowness reports
- fixed proxy caching.

Issue 221739 Inspect mode takes some time to be ready after page is reloaded (Honza Stola)

Issue 222841 Log usage of external versioning commands

ignore initial slowness after start

rephrasing slowness report bubble text


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