Evaluation of bugs reported in Community Acceptance survey for NetBeans IDE 7.3

All bugs listed in the following table were selected by respondents of the NetBeans IDE 7.3 Community Acceptance survey as potential release showstoppers. Quality Engineering department evaluated all of them prior to releasing FCS to be sure that nothing got overlooked. We thank everybody who participated in the survey.

Bug # Description Priority Area Evaluation
Issue 223657 [Go to type] Highlighted part of class name is not visible P4 Java Navigation Minor issue(agreed it's regression against 7.2, but doesn't affect functionality of the Go to type dialog)
Issue 206261 Code completion is unworkable slow P1 Code Completion We cannot reproduce, more information (profiler snapshot) requested.
Issue 223169 Issue with Chromium browser NetBeans Connector 0.6.0 - NB 7.3 Beta2 P3 HTML Project User hint implemented in 7.3 Release Candidate.
Issue 219542 Request: HTML5 integration in PHP Projects P2 PHP Project Enhancement, will be considered for NetBeans 8.0
Issue 225928 anything after @keyframes is not parsed (regression from 7.2.1) P3 CSS Editor unable to reproduce and even so, I think maybe a patch candidate, not a stopper
Issue 225157 IDE shutdown takes up to 20 minutes P2 Performance (note: was 225175 - likely typo in user's mail - issue was named by bht)
Issue 225077 One Line change and Save in Java File takes 3 times as long in 7.3 vs 7.1.2 P2 Performance We cannot reproduce, more information (profiler snapshot, messages.log) requested.
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