GO for build 20111207182809

Area Responsible Build(s) tested Go/No Go status
API Support Tushar Joshi #201112051121 Go
Maven(J2SE) Tomas M. 20111207 Go
DB Constantin Drabo, Tomas M. 20111207 Go
Refactoring / Window System Tomas T. Go
Editor / Java Jirka Prox #201112071828 Go
Debugger Jirka Kovalsky #201112062100 Go (#206099)
Subversion Michal Go
CVS Mario Pérez #201112051121 Go
JavaFX(sanity), Mobility, Git Stepan 201112071828 Go
Java EE / GlassFish Jirka Skrivanek 201112071828 Go
CND Alexander 201112071828 Go
PHP André Sabosch, Lada 201112071828 Go
Web Languages Lada 201112062100 Go
Projects, Ant Adam 201112071828 Go
GUI Builder Mark Wilmoth, Adam 201112071828 Go
Profiler Michal Owsiak, Petr Cyhelsky 201112071828 Go
JUnit Saptarshi Purkayastha #201112051121 Go
Installer All Go
Update Center All Go
Performance not tested
XML not tested
Connected Developer not tested
Java Card not tested
Groovy not tested

Install/Upgrade/Uninstall test

(e.g. Java SE to All ...

  • download JavaSE bundle from 7.1 install page
  • run the IDE (on particular jdk)
  • try simple test case from your area
  • upgrade to All distribution :
    • go to Tools | Plugins, select tab 'Settings'
    • disable : 'Certified Plugins' and 'Plugins Portal'
    • select tab 'Available Plugins' and Select All plugins
    • push Install
  • run your sanity Test Specification
  • uninstall IDE (the whole directory should be removed)


Responsible OSes Install/Upgrade/Uninstall scenario Go/No Go status
Tomas M. Mac OS X (jdk6) Java SE to All Go
Jirka P. Win 7, 64-bit (jdk7) Java SE to All Go
Jirka K. Linux Mint (Ubuntu) (jdk6) Java SE to All Go
Marian Ubuntu (jdk6) Java EE to All Go
Petr C. Ubuntu (jdk7) Java EE to All Go
Tomas T. Ubuntu (jdk6) PHP to All x
Vlada WinXp (jdk7) PHP to All Go
Adam Ubuntu (jdk6) All Go
Stepan Win 7, Win XP, Ubuntu 11.4, MacOS X 10.7 (jdk7) All Go
Alexander Win 7 C/C++ to All Go
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