QE Status for NetBeans 6.0 - Week of Nov 5th

Number of Open bugs

P1 4
P2 24
P3 3159

We get under overall Open P3s bug target, great job. Some areas we defined as CTQs were over their particular target. In general NetBeans 6.0 is considered to be in releasable quality after moved to strict High Resistance mode. QE focuses now on going through as many tests as possible to check if number of ug fixes done in last several weeks did not cause more regression and these will not get unnoticed in release. This testing will continue to and between RCs builds.

For 6.0 release all stoppers have to be fixed and incoming P1s, P2s, P3s evaluated. See High Resistance rules.

See Quality Dashboard

Eng team QE Status
Core Tested Collaboration,Maven from Stable UC. Stopper 121301 reviewed - waiting for verification.
Editor Analyzed results from NetCAT Survey. Stopper 121235 reviewed & verified.
LCT Tested GUI builder with new libraries (BB&JDA). No stopper so far. Profiler: verifying latest fixes. 1 open P2 on dashboard
Web & Java EE * Performed JSP editor focus test.
* 3 open P2s in JSP editor considered as stoppers
* quality of EJB area is fine
Mobility 3 P1s to be fixed in HR. Fixes for 2 of them are ready.
Scripting * 4 open P2s, not yet decided which of them are stoppers
Web Services .
Visual Web
UML Go for HR. FCS testing including sanity testing on secondary platforms.
Installer JDK Bundle testing, NB installer testing. No stoppers so far
SOA Performed NB 6 nightly testing. Go for HR.
XML Performed NB 6 nightly testing. Go for HR.
Performance * Startup time issue waived (bugId 110011);
* UI responsiveness dashboard: last week average=85.6% tests passed (boundary 85%);
* no P1s on dashboard and 1 P2 (against Stable Autoupdate);
* Worked on issues from NetCAT program;
* Performed measurements for Comparative dashboard;
* Performed measurement of IDE for core team on Java bundle;
* Ongoing activities: performance results analysis, tests fixing, bugs filing/updating/verifying;
PHP Plugin Performed milestone 2 testing. Still many issues. It is now available in update center. But not sure if it will be good enough to release in update center with NB 6 FCS. Need two more weeks to find out.
JAXB Wizard Performed NB 6 nightly testing. Go for HR.
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