QE Status for NetBeans 6.0 - Week of Oct 29th

Number of Open bugs

P1 3
P2 63
P3 3351

These are areas which QE sees as problematics and these can affect release date:

  1. Not updated badges in Editor, still being worked on to get fixed
  2. JSP embedded editors - it is being intensively tested. It is in better shape than last week, but still buggy.
  3. Overall number of Open P2s for entering HR.

Open P3s are 1 above target for whole 6.0, around 260 P3s needs to be evaluated to enter HR. Check 6.0 Quality Criteria to see where we are above targets for some areas.

QE is mostly verifying bug fixes these days, we observed high ratio of regressions for fixes done in last couple of weeks.

See Quality Dashboard

Eng team QE Status
Core Opened P1 120508 is being evaluated right now - problem with encoding of files in Freeform project. Number of P3s decreased by 40 and it's close to target. Except existing P1 we are ready for HR.
Editor Ran NetCAT Editor survey (people like feature set as well as they are happy with the quality). Remaining problems are not updated badges. Number of P3s decreased by 90 and it's under boundary. We are ready for HR.
LCT Exiting P2 in debugger is under development. Number of P3s is flat and under target. We are ready for HR.
Web & Java EE
Mobility Fixing of Mobility End to End issues is still in progress. They will be fixed and verified till HR. Other parts seems to be fine.
Web Services .
Visual Web
UML Completed the remaining manual code coverage testing. Sanity testing on secondary platforms. A GO for FCS HR.
SOA Performed NB 6 nightly testing. 1 P1 regression was found today 120438. Contacted SOA-BI developer to take a look at it ASAP. SOA-BI dev team marked most of their P3 issues (sub-component "binding components" and "SQL Project") with "future" in "Target milestone" field. Looks like they won't fix P3 issues into NB 6.
XML Performed NB 6 nightly testing. right now, in dashboard, there are 0 P1, 0 P2 and 137 P3 issues against XML module.
Performance * Startup time still exceeds boundary (P2, bugId 110011);
* UI responsiveness dashboard: last week average=84.7% tests passed (boundary 85%);
* no P1s on dashboard and 10 P2s;
* Worked on issues from NetCAT program;
* Performed measurements for Comparative dashboard;
* Ongoing activities: performance results analysis, tests fixing, bugs filing/updating/verifying;
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