QE Status for NetBeans 6.0 - Week of Oct 22nd

Number of Open bugs

P1 5
P2 87
P3 3757

Quality is improving. Still we have some problems in editing of sripting languages where significant fixes were done recently and indentation is broken now. Number of open P2s is not changing and we still have high number of them. Areas wih the highest number ofopen P2s are: CND, SOA, Web&J2EE. We are not able to get and to keep 3 open P2s per team. Number of filled issues goes slightly down, but number of resolved dropped as well. Unevaluated Open P3s decreased since last week. But for HR we have to have 0 unevaluated open P3s.

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Eng team QE Status
Core Went through GTK issues reported against JDK. Testing focused on projects / freeform. Number of P3s decreased by 40.
Editor Started Editor Survey on NetCAT. Tested import of settings from previous versions. Continue in evaluation of incoming issues, help with fixing opened P3s. Number of P3s decreased by 90.
LCT Tested new versions of JDA/Beans Binding libraries. Mercurial plugin on Stable UC. Number of P3s is flat and under target.
Web & Java EE 1 open P1 - NetBeans hangs after creating EJB Module Project, should be fixed today.
Scripting Indentation of embedded languages doesn't work
Web Services Rewrite of StockQuoteService sample is needed
Visual Web
UML Completed beta 2 testing - GO. Resuming code coverage testing to complete the remaining manual test specs.
SOA Performed Beta 2 testing. No stoppers found. Proceeding with verification of the RESOLVED issues.
XML Performed Beta 2 testing. Proceeding with verification of the RESOLVED issues. 1 P1 119870 and 1 P2 119856 was found this week. QE is trying to get more info from the P1 issue reporter, to try to reproduce it. Developer is working on the P2 issue.
Performance * Startup time still exceeds boundary (bugId 110011);
* UI responsiveness dashboard: last week average=86.25% tests passed (boundary 85%);
* 1 open P1s on dashboard and 5 P2s;
* Worked on issues from NetCAT program;
* Performed measurements for Comparative dashboard;
* Ongoing activities: performance results analysis, tests fixing, bugs filing/updating/verifying;
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