QE Status for NetBeans 6.0 - Week of Oct 15th

Number of Open bugs

P1 14
P2 89
P3 3950

Stoppers for Beta 2 are being fixed in all areas. Right now we track few of these in Visual Web, Web Services and UML. Fixing for Beta 2 was rather higher than we anticipated. Beta 2 release still looks doable on 10/22. We had around 85 open P2s on Beta 2 cut off date 10/10. For upcoming High Resistance and RC1 we have to:

  1. Evaluate P3s. SOA, Visual Web and Web has the highest percentage of unevaluated P3s
  2. Keep open P2s on lower level than now. Approximately we should have 3 open P2s per team. Following teams have still very high number of open P2s: Web & J2EE, Scripting, UML, SOA, CND and Other (6 performance bugs). Low number of open P2s allows us to have short (as planned) High Resistance mode.
  3. Keep performance UI responsivness on current level.

See Quality Dashboard

Eng team QE Status
Core Number of opened P3s is flat. QE is going through UI and compare the IDE with UI Permanent spec. P1 in Welcome Screen has already been fixed into Beta 2.
Editor Decreased number of opened P3s by 70. Few regressions fixed last couple of days - into Beta 2 branch as well. QE team is reevaluating all opened P3s and helps with fixing.
Life Cycle Tools Number of opened P3s is flat. Form plans update Beans Binding library on Wed for Beta 2 - need to be tested on Thu + update of JDA library. Tested Mercurial plugin - Go/No Go on Fri. I18N issue in diff is not a blocker for Beta 2. Profiler: testing open-source profiler daily builds. No stoppers so far
Web & Java EE No Beta2 stopper were found.
Mobility Ready for Beta 2.
Scripting Severale stoppers in scripting are reported and some of them are verified in trunk and waiting for merge in Beta2 branch.
Web Services We track 3 stoppers right now but these will be fixed today or tomorrow.
Visual Web Inegration of Woodtsock b 14 was done last Friday and still components are visible in the yesterday's build. Several issues in samples and some samples will be disabled for Beta2
UML Started testing beta 2. Found stopper regression issue 118948. A few other regressions found: 97560, 119104, 119148. Concerns: creating sample uml app not working (119148), latest changes in Imported Elements results in a confusing question in Delete confirmation dialog - bugs to be filed.
SOA * Sanity test on Windows XP, Mac OS X intel. Auto tests were run on Solaris, Linux and Windows Vista platforms. (<BPEL test report> / <XSLT test report>).
* Found new P1: 118159, was fixed in build 200710160000.
* Dev team decided that new feature "StrikeIron Services support in BPEL Designer" will not be in beta2.
CND Ready for Beta 2. More fixes will go toward FCS.
XML * Performed sanity tests on WinXP, Mac OS X intel, Linux JDK 1.5 and JDK 1.6, Auto tests were run on Solaris, Linux and Windows Vista platforms. (<XML test report> / <Cross Project XML References test report>).
* Found new P1: 119047, was fixed in trunk on Monday. Waiting for approval to merge into beta2 branch.
Performance * Startup time still exceeds boundary (bugId 110011) although there are some good improvements
* UI responsiveness dashboard: last week average=86.6% tests passed (boundary 85%)
* 1 open P1s on dashboard and 7 P2s.
* Worked on issues from NetCAT program
* Started measurements for Comparative dashboard
* Ongoing activities: performance results analysis, tests fixing, bugs filing/updating/ verifying;
JAXB Wizard * Performed full tests on WinXP, sanity tests on Sol 10 x86. (<JAXB test report>).
* found new P1: 118696, issue was fixed, verified and merged into beta2.
PHP Plugin * Tested PHP plugin implemented features. Many issues were found.
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