QE Status for NetBeans 6.0 - Week of Oct 8th

Number of Open bugs

P1 13
P2 146
P3 4095

6.0 overall bug count decreased, P1s are under control, although for Beta 2 we need to get these to zero for release. P2s are down by 60 since last week. Today is cut off date for newly comming P2s to be counted for QC for Beta 2. Still we have to fix many open P2s before we can release Beta2 to community. Teams with high number of open P2s are: Web&J2EE, Other, Scripting, UML, SOA and CND. Serious Editor formatting issue was fixed and QE is now verifying it. There are other editing related problems also in JSP & HTML. Some areas of product are ready for Beta 2 release, see info below.

See Quality Dashboard

Eng team QE Status
Core Decreased number of P2s. Plugin Manager is in good shape after install/uninstall focus test, no additional problems found.
Editor Significantly decreased number of P2s. We are focused on Code Reformat + reevaluate all opened P3s.
LCT Form's met P3s criteria for NB 6.0. CVS/SVN are ready for release. Debugger agreed to implement import of breakpoints from previous release. Profiler: open sourcing completed by developers. QE will perform testing of the open-source version
Web & Java EE * indentation in JSP and HTML editors doesn't work at all
* navigator is not working for HTML files
Mobility * update Beta1 AUC with hotfix of Mobility Visual Designer that fixed serious issues 115481 and 115338
Verifying issues including A11Y, I18N
Scripting * one new P1 RHTML Views unable to change and save after EDIT 118182
* Embedded pieces of javascript or css are still not parsed together 112995
* updated test spec.
Web Services * unable to create sample project
Visual Web Visual Web will be ready for beta2.
UML Tested install/uninstall of UML module with Plugin Manager. Regression testing in high use case areas/bug fix verifications/code coverage testing using instrumented trunk builds.
Installer Bugs verification
SOA * Sanity test on WinXP, MacOS intel, Sol 10 x86, Sol 10 Sparc. Auto tests were run on all supported platforms. (<BPEL test report> / <XSLT test report>).
* new P1: 117772, 117674
* Tested install/uninstall plugins functionality. Found 2 issues: 117600, 117639.
* New feature "StrikeIron Services support in BPEL Designer" was still not working well. May consider to roll it out from beta2.
XML * Performed sanity tests on WinXP, MacOS intel, Sol 10 x86, Linux JDK 1.6, Linux JDK 1.5, automation tests on all supported platforms. (<XML test report> / <Cross Project XML References test report>).
* new P1: 118106
* Tested install/uninstall plugins functionality. No issue was found.
Performance * Startup time still exceeds boundary (bugId 110011)
* UI responsiveness dashboard: last week average=85.3% tests passed (boundary 85%)
* 3 open P1s on dashboard (but all 3 from 'performance' component) and 13 P2s.
* Worked on issues from NetCAT program
* Started UI responsiveness tests review
* Fixed UI responsiveness dashboard after test4u infrastructure change
* Ongoing activities: performance results analysis, tests fixing, bugs filing/updating/ verifying;
JAXB Wizard * Performed full tests on WinXP, sanity tests on Sol 10 x86. (<JAXB test report>).
* Tested install/uninstall plugins functionality. Two issues were found: 117617, 117625.
PHP Plugin * Tested PHP plugin implemented features "Projects" and "Runtimes". Many issues were found.
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