Building RESTful web services from a Database Nam Nguyen, Srividhya Narayanan M10/June
How to make a Rich Client call a RESTful Web Service using a sample music database Ayub Khan, Srividhya Narayanan beta1 We will use the javaone technical session sample to showcase the workflow involved in making a real client to interface with RESTful web services created from a Database
Testing RESful web services Ayub Khan July
Incorporating value added services into RESTful web services and its impact on the client code beta1
How can I call a Java EE web service from a RESTful web services? beta1
Why do you need Java based REST API? All the scoop on JSR 311
Patterns and best practices for building RESTful web services
*JAXWS* End to End WS Creation and Consumption Milan Kuchtiak September Showing also configuration of binary data transmition
Introduction to the visual designer for building Java EE web services Rico Cruz, Ajit Bhate July Features, use cases, Dos, donts, limitations of building web services from-java and from-wsdl using the visual desginer etc..
How to build a web service starting from a WSDL and how to do incremental development of the same? Milan Kuchtiak, Roderico Cruz July Sample that shows how the incremental development from wsdl
JAXB wizrard support in Netbeans Girish Patil beta1 Using JAXB in Provider API based JAX-WS Webservices.
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