Visual Web Component Automation

The component designtime test suite is being updated from NB 5.5 and run nightly in order to reduce regressions. The level of testing is mixed. Some tests are at the basic drag/drop level while others configure multiple components and their properties. All tests deploy, undeploy, and check the messages.log for exceptions. It currently takes almost 6 hours to run the full suite.

What is Automated

New Tests Added during this release

  • Big Integer Converter
  • Enum Converter
  • SQL Date Converter
  • SQL Time converter
  • Progress Bar
  • Common Task (+ Section, Group)

Tests that can not be automated

  • Drag/drop of Number Converter. This component brings up a modal dialog which blocks the test harness.

Known Failures

  • HiddenField (Automation issue)
  • Hyperlink
  • Page Fragment (Automation issue)
  • Tree

Tools used for Automation

  • Gravy is an automation common library, specific for Visual Web. The source is located at visualweb/gravy
  • Javadoc is currently not hosted so it must be generated locally.
  • You can enhance the library by adding new APIs BUT you must run sanity test before you check in to cvs to make sure you do not break anything: see How to run Sanity Test for details.

Location & Configuration

The tests can be found in visualweb/test/components

Performing a Nightly Run

Performing a Milestone Run

  • Use the Nightly Run Checklist but make sure to get the Woodstock RC bits from RE.

Using the IDE

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