UI Freeze Definition

This document attempts to define what UI Freeze actually means, which changes have a high impact on docs/l10n after UI freeze, and what the procedure should be for making changes after UI freeze.

What Is UI Freeze

When the release is in UI freeze it means:

  • All features have been implemented according to the UI spec.
  • If no UI spec exists, the current state of the UI is expected to be the final state of the UI. In other words, you are through designing the UI, you are just fixing bugs.
  • All known deviations from the UI spec to be fixed as UI bugs as described in the Procedure for Making Late UI Changes below. If no UI spec exists, you should have a bug with a detailed description of the UI changes that need to be made (i.e., not "Improve usability of feature X").

High-Impact Changes

The following changes have a high impact on docs and l10n, since they could (and often do) require a change in docs that have already been written/tranlsated. Remember that even a very small change adds overhead.

  • Any change that affects the user's work flow or the documented behavior of a feature or function.
  • Any addition of or change to UI elements, such as additional checkboxes, properties, or options in combo boxes.
  • Any removal of UI elements.
  • Any renaming of UI elements, especially names of commands, checkboxes, properties, or anything else that could be described in a help page.

The following changes do not have a high impact and can be done after UI freeze:

  • Formatting changes such as changing borders, spacing, and layout of UI elements. (Docs should still be notified, since we may have to retake some screenshots.)
  • Changes to tooltips and explanatory text in dialogs. These are OK up to Message Freeze (High Resistance)
  • Adding Help buttons.

Procedure for Making Late UI Changes

For all bugs that requires a UI change after UI Freeze, the responsible engineer should:

  • Mark the issue for the change with the UI keyword.
  • Put the change in NB61LateUIChanges.
  • Justify the UI change. Changes should not be made frivolously (i.e., one user thinks a different word sounds better)
  • Consult with the docs, l10n, and HIE.
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