Additional Features Update Center for NetBeans 6.0

This document lists all stable quality plugins that will be available on NetBeans Update Center when NetBeans 6.0 Beta and FCS will be released. Besides, this Update Center will provide all modules that are part of the full standard distribution. All of the plugins must have their entries in stableuc cluster definition in cluster.properties configuration file.

Name Description Category Owner L10n
Maven Integration (Image:contrib/maven-l10n) Support for Maven projects, JAR execution, deployment, debugger, code completion Projects Milos Kleint Image:l10n_NB6StableModulesUC.png
Developer Collaboration (Image:collab/chat, collab/chat/html, collab/chat/java, collab/chat/text, collab/chat/xml, collab/core, collab/filesharing, collab/im, collab/kit, collab/moxc, collab/output, collab/ui) Chat and filesharing within the IDE Collaboration Petr Nejedly Image:l10n_NB6StableModulesUC.png
Eclipse importer (Image:ide/projectimport) Tool for automated import of java projects created in Eclipse Projects Tonda Nebuzelsky Image:l10n_NB6StableModulesUC.png
JBuilder importer (Image:ide/projectimport/jbuilder) Tool for automated import of java projects from JBuilder 2005 and 2006 Projects Tonda Nebuzelsky Image:l10n_NB6StableModulesUC.png
NetBeans API Docs (Image:apisupport/apidocs) NetBeans API Docs for plugin developers Documentation Jesse Glick Image:l10n_NB6StableModulesUC.png
JMeter (Image:monitor/jmeter, monitor/jmeter-kit, monitor/loadgen-profiler-bridge, monitor/loadgenerator) Apache JMeter tool integration Profiling, Testing Arseniy Kuznetsov Image:i18n_NB6StableModulesUC.png
Apache Ant documentation (Image:ant/docs) Needed by any users writing nontrivial Ant scripts Documentation Jesse Glick Image:l10n_NB6StableModulesUC.png
JMX (Image:management/jmx) JMX MBeans, Agent, and Manager Development Monitoring & Management support Jean-Francois Denise Image:l10n_NB6StableModulesUC.png
Java ME SDK Catalog All Java ME SDKs from the SDK Catalog Java ME SDKs Adam Sotona
UI Gestures Collector (Image:logger/uihandlerinteractive) Interactive utility for logging user actions Testing Jaroslav Tulach Image:l10n_NB6StableModulesUC.png
Visual Web JSF Backwards Compatibility Kit (visualweb/compatibility_kit) This module provides the libraries needed to create Visual Web J2EE 1.4 project Web & Java EE Chau Nguyen
JavaServer Faces 1.1.02 Library (web/libs/jsf-1_1_02) Installs the JavaServer Faces 1.1.02 Library Web & Java EE Petr Pisl
JDBC Rowset (Image:visualweb/ravelibs/rowset) JDBC RI Rowset Library Web & Java EE Chau Nguyen Image:l10n_NB6StableModulesUC.png
Log Management Manager of registered loggers of IDE events Developing NetBeans Shakthi Anuradha Gunasekara Image:l10n_NB6StableModulesUC.png
Mercurial (Image:versioncontrol/mercurial) Integrates Mercurial functionality into NetBeans IDE Version Control John Rice and Padraig O'Briain Image:i18n_NB6StableModulesUC.png
JAXRPC Web Services (websvc/components/google, websvc/jaxrpc16, websvc/jaxrpckit, websvc/jaxrpcsupport, websvc/registry, websvc/rest, websvc/restapi, websvc/restkit, websvc/restsamples, websvc/swdp) Tooling for building JAXRPC web services and clients used in J2EE 1.4 projects Web & Java EE Roderico Cruz
Task List (Image:tasklist.editor, tasklist.core, tasklist.usertasks, tasklist.filter, tasklist.swing, tasklist.export) Task management supporting user tasks and tasks detected by code analysis Task List Tim Lebedkov Image:i18n_NB6StableModulesUC.png
Extra Ruby (Image:ruby/themes, ruby/rspec, ruby/hints/extrahints) Additional support for Ruby development Ruby Tor Norbye Image:l10n_NB6StableModulesUC.png
RCP Book Samples Set of samples that illustrate discussions in the book "Rich Client Programming" Samples Geertjan Wielenga
Web Server 7.0 (Image:serverplugins/sun/webserver7) Support for development and execution of webapps with the Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Web & Java EE Ajay Acharya Image:i18n_NB6StableModulesUC.png


Image:i18n_NB6StableModulesUC.png - icon means that particular module has internationalization support implemented

Image:l10n_NB6StableModulesUC.png - icon means that particular module should be localized

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