Warning: software schedule is a live document

Milestone Planned Expected Actual Notes
Feature Freeze June/15 (+2w) June/15 M10 stabilization starts (M10 is the last milestone for feature development)
M10 June/25 (+2w) July/2 bits on the web, normal milestone criteria apply
6.0beta1 Hi-Res starts__ beta1 - 2w Mon Sep/3 beta1 quality criteria met, release60-beta1 branch created, QE final testing starts, fixes/builds on QE demands
6.0 UI Freeze beta1 - 2w Mon Sep/3 All UI changes done, any new UI changes are tracked on NB6LateUIChanges and communicated to both docs and xdesign
6.0beta1 web content staged__ beta1 - 2w Mon Sep/3 Finished drafts of all release notes, tutorials, and marketing pages on staging server ready for review - see ReleaseStagingChecklist for details.
6.0beta1 final bits beta1 - 1w Mon Sep/10 beta1 build passed QE final testing and ready for release
6.0beta1 web content final Mon beta1 - 1w Mon Sep/10 All review of web content incorporated - see ReleaseStagingChecklist for details.
6.0beta1 Go-Live Aug/13
Mon Sep/17 Mon Sep/17 Go Live - website switched, announcement sent
6.0beta2 Hi-Res starts beta2 - 1w Sat
beta2 quality criteria met, release60-beta2 branch created, QE final testing starts, fixes/builds on QE demands
6.0beta2 Go-Live Sep/10
(+ beta1 slip)
Mon Oct/22 Mon Oct/22 bits on the web, branch one week sooner than release date, no P1, no P2, address user feedback
Code Freeze / Strict Hi-Res Sep/17
(+ beta1 slip)
release60 branch created, only showstoppers will be fixed
RC1 Oct/1
(+ Hi-Res slip)
bits on the web
RC2 Mon
Nov/22 bits on the web
RC3 Mon
bits on the web (can be closer to RC2, can be skipped if we don't need it)
Final Release Oct/15 (+6w) Mon
bits on the web, announcement sent

  • 2 week buffer for Feature Freeze
  • 3 week buffer for beta1
  • 1 week buffer for FCS
  • Total buffer = 6 weeks
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