NB 6.0 Schedule

NetBean 6.0 RC1 Go/No Go Status (Before COB Monday Nov 13, 2007, Prague Time)

Area QE Owner(s) Date Testing Notes/Issues Build(s) tested Respin/Go/No Go Status
Core Marian M. GO (the last P1 is under investigation - not stopper for RC 1)
Mobility Marian M. GO
LCT Marian M. GO
Editor Marian M. GO
Web/J2EE Visual Web Databases area - Alex Petrov
Nov, 12
No stoppers.
200711060000 - 200711120000
GO - Visual Web Databases area
SOA Andrei C. Nov 13 All the supported platforms were involved. No stopper issues found 200711070000, 200711080000, 2007-11-09_01-16-45, 2007-11-12_01-16-45, 2007-11-13_01-16-45 GO
SOA-BI Aashish N. Nov 12 No new P1 was found Latest build downloaded on Monday morning India time GO
XML Michael N. Nov 13 There is serious discussion about 115364. RC1 and number of previous GO
UML Tammie Krone 13 Nov Quick sanity test - no new issue found new RC1 build 200711130000 GO
CnD Andrew Krasny Nov 13 GO
Installer Mikhail Vaysman 13 Nov Download page design not updated - see P1 121259. This will be fixed before FCS only intentionally not to show new design before release, bugs 121747 (Leopard and scenario specific) and 121780 (I18N specific) are not stoppers for RC GO
Profiler Alexandr Kouznetsov 12 Nov GO
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