NB 6.0 performance criteria


Goals: Memory footprint:

  • Java IDE supporting JavaSE development on machines with 512MB.
  • Java IDE supporting JavaEE development (together with glassfish) on machines with 1GB.
  • Full IDE working with minimum/recommended hardware for testing projects

Editor (productivity)

Goals: Main focus are improvements in Java editor to ensure

  • that editor provides fast response to common activities (editor opening, switching, navigation, typing, code completion)
  • there are no long delays when using its functionality

UI responsiveness

All responses to user interaction need to follow UI responsiveness guidelines.

Goal: Cover most common user activities with responsiveness tests for all main components of IDE (Java IDE, visual web, SOA, UML)

  • target: 100% test cases pass
  • boundary: 85% test cases pass (pass = 1st usage under 2x UI responsiveness limit and next usages within the limit), failed tests ==> P2 bugs, subject to standard bug criteria
  • problems not covered by automated tests are still treated as bugs subject to general quality criteria



  • comparable startup time where applicable to Eclipse or MyEclipse for out-of-the-box cold start and launches with typical project setup
  • no regressions on project opening compared to NB5.5(.1) for existing project types

Testing environment


Performance test will run on machines that match (or are superior to) recommended hardware requirements:

Windows XP/Vista and Linux P4@2.4GHz 1GB
Solaris 10 UltraSPARC IIIi 1 GHz 1GB

Testing projects

Sample projects used for testing:

  • JavaSE
  • jEdit: >300 source files, >100KLOC
  • Limewire: >2300 source files, >400KLOC, 17MB in >40 JAR files of used libraries
  • PluginPortal and internally available application used in previous releases for visual web testing.
  • UML reverse engineering: testing on uml/core source tree (>3000 files)
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