• Audit and clean up 3rd party libraries
  • Ubuntu/Debian packages
  • C/C++ support
  • UML on Mac OS X
  • Download distros
  • Ruby IDE (JK also thinks we should do it)
  • SOA is not the right place for Identity Tooling and Access Manager
  • Solaris packages (also Arseniy's tool)
  • Eliminate (most of) Advanced options
  • SystemOption => Prefs API migration
  • ErrorManager => JDK logging migration
  • List of UCs preconfigured in the IDE, which ones are on which are off by default?
  • App server support for WebSphere, Sun Web Server, OC4J, Jonas, etc is affected
 by API changes in Java EE metadata model (and Retouche).  Dtto with AVK
  • WSDL module is still in soa, it should be in xml cluster or j2ee but it depends on print
  • GF v3 on UC (at least)
  • Service Tag
  • RoR (J and native) sample app
  • JavaDoc nightly http://bits.netbeans.org/dev/javadoc/index.html
  • Settings import from 5.5(.1), Creator 2 (?), JSE (?)
  • Language Packs (Kirill's proposal)
  • PostgreSQL
  • NB/JDK bundle installer (Sergey)
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