NetBeans 6.0 Milestones Calendar

Milestone Feature
6.0M1 2006-06-26 2006-07-03 Milestone1Report New & Noteworthy M1
6.0M2 2006-08-07 2006-08-15 Milestone2Report New & Noteworthy M2
6.0M3 2006-09-11 2006-09-19 Milestone3Report New & Noteworthy M3
6.0M4 2006-10-16 2006-10-24 Milestone4Report New & Noteworthy M4
6.0M5 2006-11-20 2006-11-29 Milestone5Report New & Noteworthy M5 New Java/Editor infrastructure in trunk. Basic Java SE development working
6.0M6 2007-01-08 2007-01-16 Milestone6Report New & Noteworthy M6 Most of NetBeans 5.5 features working with new Java/Editor infrastructure.
6.0M7 2007-02-12 2007-02-21 Milestone7Report New & Noteworthy M7
6.0M8 2007-03-19 2007-03-29 Milestone8Report New & Noteworthy M8
6.0M9 2007-04-18 2007-05-04 Milestone9Report New & Noteworthy M9
6.0M10 2007-06-15 2007-07-02 Milestone10Report New & Noteworthy M10

The same set of Target Milestones were created in NetBeans Issuezilla, e.g. 6.0M5. Developer should mark their issues which they plan to be completed at a certain milestone using this field.

Final stages of NetBeans 6.0 schedule.

The Roadmap should list longer term plans.

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