Localization Schedule For NB 6.0


Localization Milestones

Milestone Planned Actual L10n Milestone Notes
Feature Freeze 15 June 15 June -- No new functionality. UI is stable for Help and Docs writing.
UI Freeze
6.0beta1 High Resistance and UI Freeze 3 Sept Handoff 1 of UI/messages (.properties), Help and web docs. Evaluate l10nkits and process for separating per component. release60-beta1 branch created
6.0beta1 Go Live 13 Aug 17 Sept
Message freeze 10 Sept 24 Sept Earliest date to start UI/msg translations
6.0beta2 High Resistance 13 Oct release60-beta2 branch created
6.0beta2 Go Live 22 Oct
Hi-Res 5 Nov * ML installer complete (ja, zh_CN, pt_BR) * l10nkits final
Integrate msg 1
RC1 Live 12 Nov
Start l10n testing
FCS English Live 3 Dec
FCS Multilingual Live 15 January ja, zh_CN, pt_BR
UC/Updates ja, zh_CN, pt_BR (17Mar) zh integrated
__Test nbms start end 26 Mar
NB Starter Kit ja, zh_CN, pt_BR
Patches? ja, zh_CN, pt_BR

Translation Schedule

  • msg/msghtml
  • olh
  • docs
Content Lang Handoff T9n Due LR Due TR Due Final Notes
msg/msghtml 1 ja 9 oct 2 nov 23Nov
msg/msghtml 1 zh_CN 9 oct 23Nov
msg/msghtml 1 pt_BR SUN 16 oct 12 nov 20Nov UML, C/C++ Need to do review (Augusta, Brazil team)
msg/msghtml 1 pt_BR SUN 16 oct 19 nov 20Nov Web/Java EE, SOA Need to do review (Augusta, Brazil team)
msg/msghtml 1 pt_BR COMMUNITY 16 oct Platform, Base IDE, Java SE, Ruby, Mobility
msg/msghtml 1 Other Languages COMMUNITY 16 oct
OLH 1 ja 15Nov 17Jan
OLH 1 zh_CN 15Nov 17Jan
OLH 1 pt_BR SUN 20 Nov 17Jan
msg/msghtml 2 ja 26 Nov 14Dec
msg/msghtml 2 zh_CN 26 Nov 14Dec
msg/msghtml 2 pt_BR SUN 5Dec 21Dec
msg/msghtml 2 pt_BR COMMUNITY
msg/msghtml 2 Other Languages COMMUNITY
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