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  • Japanese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Other languages contributed by NB communities. Usually IDE or Platform UI/messages.
  • Sun officially releases Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese. The Brazilian Portuguese is a collaborative effort between the NetBeans Brazil Community and Sun. Other NetBeans language community groups may contribute localization of NetBeans IDE or Platform, or any other components or modules. As well, community members may also localize web documentation into languages other than those listed here. For more information, refer to:
http://translatedfiles.netbeans.org Localization instructions, localization kits, etc.
http://www.netbeans.org/community/contribute/localisation-status.html Status of localizable welcome and introductory pages
http://www.netbeans.org/community/contribute/full-localisation-status.html Status of localizable product documentation
http://wiki.netbeans.org/wiki/view/CommunityDocs Various contributions from community members

Content for Localization

  • UI/messages
  • Online Help
  • Web Documentation
  • Index pages
  • Product Pages (Features)
  • Release Pages (Release Notes, Installation)
  • Tutorials
  • Learning Paths
  • Using NetBeans IDE
  • Screenshots (web docs only)
  • Rename .url files (Example:

http://www.netbeans.org/community/releases/60/index.html to http://www.netbeans.org/community/releases/60/index_zh_CN.html)


NetBeans Product

  • IDE/Profiler
  • Mobility
  • SOA
  • UML
  • Ruby
  • WebEE
  • CND
  • Installer


  • Woodstock
  • Update Center
  • Bundles (with Java SE, App Server/Glassfish, others)
  • NB/BlueJ Edition

Closed Source Components


Component Category Content Type Translated by
ja zh pt_BR
IDE IDE UI/Msg Sun Sun Community
OLH+HTML Sun Sun Sun
Web Sun Sun Sun
Persistence UI/Msg Sun Sun
OLH+HTML Sun Sun n/a
BluePrint UI/Msg Sun Sun
HTML Sun Sun n/a
Profiler UI/Msg Sun Sun
Web Sun Sun
Mobility Mobility UI/Msg Sun Sun
OLH Sun Sun n/a
Web Sun Sun n/a
SOA SOA UI/Msg Sun Sun
OLH Sun Sun
Web Sun Sun
UML UML UI/Msg Sun Sun
Web Sun Sun TBD
WebEE WebEE UI/Msg Sun Sun
Web Sun Sun TBD
Ruby Ruby UI/Msg Sun Sun
OLH Sun Sun n/a
Web Sun Sun n/a
CND CND UI/Msg Sun Sun
OLH Sun Sun n/a
Web Sun Sun n/a

Additional Scope

Component Category Content Type Translated by
ja zh pt_BR
BlueJ BlueJ UI/Msg Sun Sun Community
OLH Sun Sun Sun
Web Sun Sun Community
Update Center Modules
NB/JDK Bundles
NB/AS Bundles

L10n Kits

Component Includes UI/msg + OLH
Product IDE, Profiler,
UC Stable modules in CVS
UC Stable modules external to NB CVS
Webdocs web documentation (html)

Release Vehicles

  • Multilingual release on netbeans.org
  • DVD
  • Localized docs on netbeans.org

Supported Platforms

Out of Scope

  • Demos (flash)
  • Code samples
  • Persistence standalone
  • Beta UC, 3rd party UC
  • Promo materials
  • Technical papers and one-pagers
  • Beta program
  • netbeans.org, in general
  • Screenshots in Help (only icons)
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