NetBeans 6.0.1 Update Center l10n-kit (English files for localization)



  • Only Stable Update Center modules will be localized into ja, zh_CN and pt_BR
  • Stable UC modules are listed in NB6StableModulesUC
  • Globalization team will pick up the l10n-kit on the specific date, which means changes after the pick up date will not be included into the localization packages


2008-02-12 (Final)


  • This l10n-kit is created according to NB6StableModulesUC list
  • some modules are dropped by the request from i18n team - libs/, visualweb/, websvc/, web/ are dropped
  • some modules outside netbeans.org are dropped, these are not included in l10n-kit

Status and Validation

NOI18N list

How to communicate?

How to create TMX from 6.0 files


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