How to make l10n-kit for NetBeans 6.0

You can create l10n-kit by yourself, but please download l10n-kit from NB6L10nKit page. The following ways are not supported officially.


Create l10n-kit per cluster

  1. Please read WorkingWithNetBeansSources and NetBeans6.0L10NListHOWTO first to understand how to get sources and generate l10n-kit.
  2. Add to build_l10nkit_NB6L10nKitCreation.propertiesthe bottom of nbbuild/build.propreties
  3. To generate l10n-kit, please specify -Dmoduleconfig=l10nkit_$pack (pack = platform baseide javase webjavaee mobility uml soa ruby cnd) like below.
  4. l10n-kit will be generated under $TMP/$pack in this example.
# create l10n-kit
for pack in platform baseide javase webjavaee mobility uml soa ruby cnd
        # ---------------------------------------------------------------
        #       generate l10n-kit
        # ---------------------------------------------------------------
        ant -Dmoduleconfig=l10nkit_$pack \
                -Dl10n.dist.dir=$TMP/$pack \
                -Dbuildnumber=$pack \

Create l10n-kit for entire modules of NetBeans 6.0

If you want to build them by yourself

  1. Checkout sources from cvs
  2. Generate l10n-kit

If you don't want to use cvs and build

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