Ideas for Features and Enhancements in NetBeans 6.0 - Java EE area

Item High level goal Priority Status
Server plugins
Appserver 9.1 support P1 - alignment with AS
Appserver 9.2 support
Directory deployment for everything on Sun Appserver web 2.0
Server log viewer/output tab UI redesign usability
Deployment of drivers to server alignment P2 - VWP has this
Tomcat 6 support migration
JBoss 5 support migration
Eliminate dependency on Tomcat: help
Command line option for Tomcat location
Basic support for Oracle, Jetty, ... migration
Generic server support migration
API for registering JMS, datasource, mail (+JNDI) in the plugin editing P1 - required for Retouche
Editor for Tomcat's context.xml and server.xml: code completion editing
Exporting certificate to server
Options for server start/stop/deployment timeout
Database schema development
E-R diagram
Code completion for SQL/JPQL editing
JPQL syntax highlighting editing
JPQL testing mode (execute query)
More usable UI for registering Derby/Java DB usability
Automatically register JavaDB from Java SE 6
Database registration UI improvements
Quoted vs. non-quoted identifiers in Create Table dialog
File template for SQL files editing
Visual query builder
Registering drivers as Java libraries
Improve usability of the database connection dialog usability
History in the SQL editor usability
Editable SELECT result
Web tier
CSS editor/completion editing
Non-Java based refactoring (JSP)
Struts 2 support migration
Create a community of framework module writers community
Facelets migration
Wicket migration
More additional web frameworks... migration
Refactoring for Struts
Improvements of Struts and JSF framework support
Make generation of JSF from Entity customizable (e.g. Velocity-based)
Architecture for web app generation
Syntax checking/error checks/hints for HTML, JSP, XML, XHTML editing
Validate XHTML against schema, actions for XML files editing
Proper XHTML completion for XHTML editing
Better support for JSP with XML syntax editing
Drag and drop from explorer to editor for many things editing
Drop from palette to JSP should autoimport the taglib editing
Fix focus issues after drag and drop editing
Completion for attribute values in HTML/JSP editing
Embedded web browser in NetBeans web 2.0
Navigation for HTML/JSP editing
Improve formatting for HTML/JSP editing
Comment/uncomment in HTML/JSP/XML/SQL editing
Live code templates editing
HTML refactoring
Offer ALL tags in JSP code completion (not only the ones already used in the page) editing
Support Cactus for testing
JRuby support scripting
PHP support scripting
Hyperlinking to classes from persistence.xml editing
When compiling all JSPs, don't stop after the first error, display all errors
Improve UI of HTTP monitor
Do not build war file when doing directory-based or in-place deployment web 2.0
User-defined code snippets editing
Color picker in CSS completion/editor editing
Visual facelets designer
Visual Struts designer
Visual editor for struts-config
Page navigation editor for Struts
Allow the user to choose the location of a web framework installation
GWT support migration
Deployment of GWT apps to GlassFish
Show XML path to the current position in editor and allow navigation to outer tags editing
EJB and Persistence
JMS (message driven beans) enhancements
Improvements in Use Entity Manager
Better support for Session Facades
Iterative regeneration of entity classes after database changes
Make generation of Persistence classes customizable (e.g. Velocity-based)
JPA support in freeform migration
JPA support in NetBeans module project migration
Move Enterprise Resources from popup menu to a better place usability
Merge popup menu items e.g. Enterprise Resources etc. usability
Support for multiple persistence units
Enhancement in persistence.xml editor: vendor-specific properties
API for persistence providers (which providers are included in the server, which version, ...)
Improve code completion for JPA annotations editing
Call EJB from JSP editing
Web Services
Dispatch/provider support in JAX-WS (REST with JAX-WS) soa/ws, web 2.0 P2 - alignment with AS
REST web services - create a servlet implementing a REST web service web 2.0
Web service monitor soa/ws, web 2.0
Service creation in Java SE (6) soa/ws
AXIS support community
JSR 109 improvements - project import soa/ws
Creating web service from XML schema soa/ws
Customization of code generated for web services (to avoid name conflicts) soa/ws
JAXB customization editor (for more flexible xml-java binding) soa/ws
Multiview for web services (over more files) soa/ws, usability
Make project import less restrictive (both standard and freeform) migration P2 - huge blocker
Merge project templates to have less of them usability
Import J2EE apps with several modules and only one build script migration
Undeploy project action usability
Allow multiple J2EE modules in freeform projects migration
Introduce target server in freeform projects (allows deployment and server resources) migration
Deployment in freeform projects migration
Deployment in Maven projects migration
Displaying databases in the project logical view usability
Make it possible to build projects without installing NetBeans (headless build) migration
Check out project without sources -> Java class wizard does not work well
Infrastructure and API
Stable APIs for framework providers and for Martin Grebac
J2ee/ejb stable API (public/under development)
Web services stable APIs
Extend web framework APIs to express dependencies community
Extend web framework APIs to extend project view community
Replace schema2beans with XDM (memory consumption)
Replacement for dbschema module
Java EE 6
Code completion against the schema in XML files editing
List of verification errors in a (tasklist) window editing
New checks all over the place (persistence, e.g. database object names, ws, EJB) editing
Allow to disable checks editing
Palette for XML code clips (schema, templates) editing
Wizards for generating SAX parser/DOM scanner etc. in XML module (fix the UI) usability
Dynamic help for XML editor (schema/DTD-driven) editing
Improve usability of XML validation against schema (when it's not in the catalog) usability
Use progress bar after finishing wizards usability
Signing of application clients
Secret shortcut that displays the photo of the Java EE team
Move all options to the new options dialog usability
Add options for "Do not show this message again" dialogs (a way to enable it again) usability
Editor options alignment: make consistent, fix bugs usability
Color schemes for non-Java editors usability
XSLT debugger
Per-project XML catalog of user-defined schemas
Hide HTTP server settings from the Runtime tab and move it to Options usability
Get rid of the Runtime tab and replace it with Server navigator usability
Move DTD and Schema catalogs from Runtime tab to Options usability
Hint for downloading schema that is used in a XML file and caching it locally usability
Seam support migration

More random stuff

Item Suggested by
Improve code completion for JAX-WS / JAXB annotations (editing) MartinGrebac
Move WSIT plugins into standard distribution (soa/ws & AS 9.1 alignment) MartinGrebac
REST based on servlet template (or example project) (REST) MartinGrebac
REST based on WS Provider/Dispatch templates (or example project) (REST) MartinGrebac
REST based WS browser - browsing live service (as REST is based on URLs) (REST) MartinGrebac
Generate REST service from DB table (REST) MartinGrebac
User defined code clips in palette PetrJiricka
Hyperlinking from page to CSS PetrJiricka
Split enterprise3 cluster into smaller pieces PetrJiricka
Move JAX-RPC library to autoupdate PetrJiricka
Move JAX-WS library to autoupdate PetrJiricka
Use CSS in newly created files PetrJiricka
Button to download servers when registering a new server PetrJiricka
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