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ID Doc Prio Target Owner Comp. Status Short summary
99657 P1 6.0 pnejedly collab NEW Rewrite to Retouche
100574 P1 6.0 dkaspar mobility NEW Custom Component API
100698 P1 6.0 mkuchtiak websvc NEW apireview for jaxws APIs
110571 (doc) P1 6.0beta1 pbuzek ide STARTED To define the final list of modules which are visible in Autoupdate UI
106653 P1 6.0beta1 martin_adamek j2ee NEW Rewrite the code completion for DB metadata in JPA entity classes to Retouche
88829 (doc) P1 6.0beta1 martin_adamek j2ee STARTED Make Java EE features work on top of Retouche
88933 P1 TBD anjeleevich enterprise NEW Need better, more scaleable PartnerLink visualiztion
89596 P1 TBD pflaska java NEW Automatic import section management
90906 (doc) P1 TBD jlahoda java NEW Various fixes and cleanups in the new java infrastructure
88682 (doc) P1 TBD dkaspar mobility NEW Planning: Finalize Visual Designer 2
102545 P1 TBD - uml NEW UML support for Mac
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