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ID Doc Prio Target Owner Comp. Status Short summary
99657 P1 6.0 pnejedly collab NEW Rewrite to Retouche
100574 P1 6.0 dkaspar mobility NEW Custom Component API
91277 P1 6.0 olangr ui RESOLVED Define new default shorcuts (+shortcu sets)
92615 P1 6.0 jrojcek ui RESOLVED Update all NetBeans icons to the new icon style
100698 P1 6.0 mkuchtiak websvc NEW apireview for jaxws APIs
98255 P1 6.0 rodcruz websvc RESOLVED Visual editor for JAXWS web services
98256 P1 6.0 petertliu websvc RESOLVED RESTful web services support in web projects
64873 P2 6.0 jrechtacek autoupdate RESOLVED Allow a NBM to declare a target cluster
39545 P2 6.0 dsimonek core VERIFIED The text in Help ! About -> Details tab is not selectable
83313 P2 6.0 jglick core RESOLVED Remove Processes node from Runtime tab
107874 P2 6.0 davidvc db NEW Test NB 6 with Derby 10.3
73604 P2 6.0 - form RESOLVED Support unrelated preferred gaps between components
57364 P2 6.0 mslama installer RESOLVED Ide failed to display the associated file
107455 P2 6.0 martin_adamek j2ee NEW Add a sample for the JSF/JPA CRUD application
58889 (doc) P2 6.0 jrechtacek openide RESOLVED Enhance wizard framework to display progress indication on Finish
90395 P2 6.0 pnejedly openide RESOLVED Need an ability to reuse tabs in editor
97848 P2 6.0 tzezula projects NEW I18N - Update modules (project types) to use FileEncodingQuery
89969 (doc) P2 6.0 lkotouc serverplugins VERIFIED Support for JBoss Application Server 5.0
99609 P2 6.0 sherold serverplugins RESOLVED Implement JDBC driver deployment (JBoss)
99610 P2 6.0 nityad serverplugins RESOLVED Implement JDBC driver deployment (Sun AS)
106689 P2 6.0 cnguyencasj visualweb RESOLVED remove dynamic help window
97895 P2 6.0 joellelam web RESOLVED Page Flow Editor Umbrella
12573 P3 6.0 saubrecht core VERIFIED an option to restoring the standard and debugging toolbars
50352 P3 6.0 dsimonek core RESOLVED Multi - monitor support
75287 P3 6.0 jrechtacek core VERIFIED Use system proxy settings does not work in NB in some cases
111062 P3 6.0 - java RESOLVED Add Support For Annotation Processing per JSR-269
100267 (doc) P3 6.0 edwingo visualweb VERIFIED Component library fixes
99235 P3 6.0 rnajman web RESOLVED Migrate templates to scripting support
36033 P1 6.0M1 jglick java RESOLVED Java build dependency tracking within or between j2seprojects does not work
47925 P3 6.0M1 jglick ant RESOLVED [[[40cat | [40cat]] Add re-run function shortcut and execution toolbar icon
54122 P3 6.0M1 jglick core VERIFIED Open action on project folder
61380 P3 6.0M1 jglick extbrowser RESOLVED Mozilla selected as default browser even when not installed
92054 P3 6.0M1 yardus profiler VERIFIED New Root Method Selection Dialog
92080 P3 6.0M1 - profiler RESOLVED Profiling points prototype
21249 P5 6.0M1 jglick ant RESOLVED Shortcuts to target should be project specific
84375 P1 6.0M10 mkleint core RESOLVED Input prompt should be integrated into display of output, not separate text field
101683 P1 6.0M10 jqian enterprise RESOLVED Add cross-project reference in composite application project
101684 P1 6.0M10 jqian enterprise RESOLVED Replace wsdl4j and other xml code by NetBeans XAM-based XML models
88955 P1 6.0M10 lativ enterprise RESOLVED Copy Paste in BPEL diagram
48288 P1 6.0M10 arseniy form RESOLVED Integrate form editor with refactoring
89597 P1 6.0M10 phrebejk java RESOLVED Navigator reimplementation and improvements
89600 P1 6.0M10 jlahoda java RESOLVED Java -> TaskList integration
96123 P1 6.0M10 mkubec javawebstart RESOLVED Provide self-signing functionality
100572 P1 6.0M10 dkaspar mobility RESOLVED Screen editor
89595 P1 6.0M10 jbecicka refactoring RESOLVED Bring back 5.5 refactorings
99406 P1 6.0M10 conover uml VERIFIED Need the ability to create/modify domain modeling based templates (UML Options)
99423 P1 6.0M10 conover uml VERIFIED Need the ability to choose available Domain Templates that will be use per project (UML Project Customizer)
99424 P1 6.0M10 conover uml VERIFIED Code Generation must obtain the necessary templates from the enabled domain templates
90447 (doc) P1 6.0M10 jimdavidson visualweb RESOLVED Export VWP SQL Query editor to NetBeans
90448 P1 6.0M10 potingwu visualweb RESOLVED Import Creator 2 projects
90455 P1 6.0M10 edwingo visualweb RESOLVED Visual EJB consumption for visual web apps
90457 P1 6.0M10 quynguyen visualweb RESOLVED Visual Web Service databinding for visual web apps
90465 P1 6.0M10 jayashri visualweb CLOSED Include Woodstock.next components
90533 (doc) P1 6.0M10 sandipchitale visualweb RESOLVED Migrate Visual Web Java Refactoring to Retouche
94906 (doc) P1 6.0M10 davidvc visualweb RESOLVED Migrate visualweb use of rowsets from private interface/implementation to standard interfaces and the reference implementation
99740 P1 6.0M10 cnguyencasj visualweb RESOLVED User dir migration from Creator 2, 2u1, NB 5.5 or 5.5.1 to NB 6.0
100660 P1 6.0M10 venu websvc RESOLVED Provide for JAXB support for java, web, ejb projects
100682 P1 6.0M10 bhate websvc RESOLVED Retouche migration of JAX-RPC web services
106867 P1 6.0M10 ayubskhan websvc RESOLVED Incorporate partner services into palette
97728 P1 6.0M10 bhate websvc VERIFIED [[[ws | [ws]][[[hints | [hints]] missing ws editor hints
88063 P2 6.0M10 mkleint apisupport RESOLVED Rewrite module to Retouche
89627 (doc) P2 6.0M10 jrechtacek autoupdate RESOLVED AutoUpdate Client and Module Manager usability improvements
104740 (doc) P2 6.0M10 pbuzek core RESOLVED Implement new about box
88471 P2 6.0M10 vstejskal editor RESOLVED Highlighting SPI review
104539 P2 6.0M10 dararamesh enterprise VERIFIED Support BC-to-BC connection in CASA
101716 P2 6.0M10 tmysik j2ee RESOLVED have j2ee project types use new Ant Build script extensibility api
78883 P2 6.0M10 tmysik j2ee RESOLVED Replace usage of ErrorManager in enterprise cluster
89438 (doc) P2 6.0M10 jbaker j2ee RESOLVED Data sources alignment of NetBeans + VWP
99233 P2 6.0M10 rnajman j2ee RESOLVED Migrate templates to FreeMarker
103385 P2 6.0M10 dbalek java RESOLVED Connect reformat code to very pretty
100575 P2 6.0M10 kharezlak mobility RESOLVED MIDP Custom Components
103187 (doc) P2 6.0M10 jglick openide RESOLVED Permit folder ordering using numeric sort
44586 P2 6.0M10 phrebejk projects RESOLVED Add a way to quickly locate and open a file via the keyboard
76722 P2 6.0M10 jbecicka refactoring RESOLVED Safe delete should be integrated with regular delete
98712 P2 6.0M10 jjancura scripting VERIFIED browser objects should be available in cc list
95125 P2 6.0M10 nityad serverplugins RESOLVED developer centric cluster operations in Runtime explorer
95131 P2 6.0M10 pcw serverplugins RESOLVED Unify dd editing experience with standard dd
95133 P2 6.0M10 vkraemer serverplugins RESOLVED directory deployment support for all module types
95134 P2 6.0M10 vkraemer serverplugins RESOLVED Create Personal Domain --profile support
95136 (doc) P2 6.0M10 vkraemer serverplugins RESOLVED expose hard coded timeouts as settings
95140 P2 6.0M10 vkraemer serverplugins RESOLVED New resource provisioning strategy
95141 P2 6.0M10 nityad serverplugins RESOLVED resource definition persistence
97277 P2 6.0M10 vkraemer serverplugins RESOLVED HTTP monitor should be on by default
104534 P2 6.0M10 - uml VERIFIED UML 6.0 UI cleanup
99444 (doc) P2 6.0M10 lvv uml VERIFIED Synchronize generated code with existing source code
99447 P2 6.0M10 lvv uml VERIFIED Allow users to override the code generation for a method, and attribute
99448 P2 6.0M10 krichard uml VERIFIED Move options to the new Options view, not the advanced options
98555 P2 6.0M10 wjprakash visualweb VERIFIED Table component design time enhancements to support non-data provider data source
101718 P2 6.0M10 rnajman web RESOLVED have web project types use new Ant Build script extensibility api
104554 P2 6.0M10 ppisl web VERIFIED Rewrite JSF refactoring to Retouche
72091 P2 6.0M10 apireviews web RESOLVED API for extending projects types (eg. web) by 3rd party
97238 P2 6.0M10 skini xml RESOLVED wsdlui module should have public api to support 3rd party wsld extension modules
99672 P3 6.0M10 dsimonek core RESOLVED New directory chooser in standard build
101680 P3 6.0M10 jqian enterprise RESOLVED Add typed environment variable support
104542 P3 6.0M10 tli enterprise VERIFIED Implement JavaEE project support in CASA
89585 (doc) P3 6.0M10 - form RESOLVED [[[6.0Planning | [6.0 planning]] GUI Builder usability Improvements
89437 (doc) P3 6.0M10 mfukala j2ee RESOLVED Common CSS editor
89469 (doc) P3 6.0M10 ppisl j2ee RESOLVED Common web project between NetBeans and VWP
99630 P3 6.0M10 - scripting VERIFIED CC scope larger then current file
99449 P3 6.0M10 krichard uml VERIFIED Move to the new preference API
28936 P2 6.0M2 mentlicher debuggerjpda RESOLVED Display static fields of the current frame's class
57442 P2 6.0M2 mentlicher debuggerjpda RESOLVED Support Method exit breakpoints and examination of normal return value or excptional return Throwable
41113 P3 6.0M2 mentlicher debuggercore VERIFIED Debugger should display a return value of methods
92052 (doc) P3 6.0M2 yardus profiler RESOLVED NetBeans JMeter Plugin
92055 (doc) P3 6.0M2 thurka profiler RESOLVED Heap Walker
49636 (doc) P1 6.0M3 apireviews java RESOLVED [[[50cat | [50cat]] Build/run configurations for j2seproject's
75465 (doc) P2 6.0M3 jglick ant VERIFIED Please provide a "stop process" button in the output window
67934 P2 6.0M3 dsimonek core RESOLVED API for running modules code when UI is ready
49652 (doc) P3 6.0M3 apireviews projects RESOLVED Support SPI: configuration management
88593 P1 6.0M4 - mobility VERIFIED Planning: Merge SVG support from NetBeans 5.5 to NetBeans 6.0
2710 P2 6.0M4 dsimonek core RESOLVED Suggest: Recently Used Files list in File menu.
73474 P2 6.0M4 rmatous core RESOLVED Permit use of Preferences API in NetBeans as a replacement for SystemOption
80918 P2 6.0M4 dsimonek core RESOLVED There is no API to switch navigator panels programmatically
64160 (doc) P2 6.0M4 jglick java RESOLVED Make it easier to set up a freeform project to use a specific JDK
88594 P2 6.0M4 - mobility VERIFIED Planning: Deployment API
61324 P3 6.0M4 - debuggercore VERIFIED Should be possible to copy contents of callstack view to clipboard.
79713 P3 6.0M4 mentlicher debuggerjpda VERIFIED Show flat packages instead of folders in Classes view
92056 P3 6.0M4 thurka profiler RESOLVED Profiler Dynamic attach
92057 (doc) P3 6.0M4 - profiler RESOLVED Live Results Categorization and DrillDown
92085 P3 6.0M4 thurka profiler RESOLVED JMeter available on development update center
87801 P2 6.0M5 jglick ant RESOLVED Use "suspended" progress when running Ant builds
73766 P2 6.0M5 saubrecht core RESOLVED Implement a new Full Screen IDE mode and enhance maximized mode
50683 (doc) P2 6.0M5 jglick projects RESOLVED Provide ability to load/save a group of projects together
85433 P3 6.0M5 dsimonek core RESOLVED Buttons support in tab controls
85270 P3 6.0M5 jrechtacek openide RESOLVED API for proxy setting
88679 (doc) P1 6.0M6 dkaspar mobility VERIFIED Planning: Visual Designer 2 merge
91142 P2 6.0M6 jglick ant VERIFIED Ant 1.7.0 upgrade
74855 P2 6.0M6 rmatous core RESOLVED Add an API for opening the Options dialog
75856 (doc) P2 6.0M6 jrechtacek core RESOLVED Proxy Settings UI should be shared all over IDE
90164 (doc) P2 6.0M6 mkubec core RESOLVED Prepare icon rebranding support for xdesign team
86473 P2 6.0M6 apireviews lexer RESOLVED Create language embedding through Lexer API
89630 (doc) P2 6.0M6 jtulach logger RESOLVED User Activity Logging
98773 (doc) P2 6.0M6 mkleint projects RESOLVED include the maven support in 6.0
89608 (doc) P2 6.0M6 - utilities RESOLVED [[[6.0Planning | [6.0 planning]] Search & Replace
92058 P3 6.0M6 thurka profiler RESOLVED 1.4.2 Profiling Support Removed
92088 P3 6.0M6 jis profiler RESOLVED Memory Profiling Improvements
91989 P3 6.0M6 - versioncontrol RESOLVED [[[6.0Planning | [6.0 planning]] Versioning API, initial impl.
91711 P1 6.0M7 abadea db RESOLVED Allow DnD of table, column and connection nodes
91887 (doc) P1 6.0M7 jlahoda java RESOLVED Bring back overrides annotation
100570 P1 6.0M7 dkaspar mobility RESOLVED Visual Designer Model
88591 (doc) P1 6.0M7 asotona mobility RESOLVED Planning: Improved build and project system for Mobility Pack
88597 P1 6.0M7 asotona mobility RESOLVED Planning: update regarding Retouche changes
88683 (doc) P1 6.0M7 luky mobility RESOLVED Planning: Add CDC support to improved project system
89610 (doc) P1 6.0M7 - profiler RESOLVED [[[6.0Planning | [6.0 planning]] J2EE Profiling
90446 P1 6.0M7 wjprakash visualweb RESOLVED Export VWP CSS editor to NetBeans
90449 P1 6.0M7 cnguyencasj visualweb RESOLVED Open source Visual Web Pack
89457 P2 6.0M7 mkubec java RESOLVED Read-access to some project properties for app framework
89603 P2 6.0M7 jpokorsky javadoc RESOLVED Javadoc fixes/Autocomment replacement
89465 (doc) P2 6.0M7 mkubec javawebstart VERIFIED JNLP (Java Web Start) Support for Java projects
89588 (doc) P2 6.0M7 arseniy localhistory RESOLVED [[[6.0Planning | [6.0 planning]] Local History
92556 P2 6.0M7 luky mobility RESOLVED CDC Platform migration
92822 P2 6.0M7 misk mobility VERIFIED Planning: JSR172 stub compiler
13250 P2 6.0M7 jtulach openide RESOLVED Allow to have token placeholders for templates
90212 P3 6.0M7 saubrecht core RESOLVED Allow the user to create new palette items at runtime
92559 P4 6.0M7 asotona mobility RESOLVED Deployment Process Unification
72440 P1 6.0M8 dsimonek core RESOLVED Use GTK L&F by default on Solaris/Linux
91811 P1 6.0M8 - form VERIFIED Provide property editor for JSpinner model
91813 P1 6.0M8 - form RESOLVED Provide property editor for JFormattedTextField's format
91814 P1 6.0M8 - form RESOLVED Provide customizer for JTable
91816 P1 6.0M8 - form RESOLVED Provide a list of binding properties and a customizer for them
89470 P1 6.0M8 vkraemer j2ee RESOLVED Support Sun Appserver 9.1/GlassFish v2
49026 (doc) P1 6.0M8 jglick java RESOLVED Permit user to specify ignore list for javac
100571 P1 6.0M8 dkaspar mobility RESOLVED Flow Designer
92304 P1 6.0M8 kherink mobility RESOLVED Planning: Game Builder integration with Designer2
89609 (doc) P1 6.0M8 - profiler RESOLVED [[[6.0Planning | [6.0 planning]] Profiler in std build
90562 P2 6.0M8 mkleint ant RESOLVED Adapt freeform to the new project extensibility APIs
88400 P2 6.0M8 saubrecht core RESOLVED Hook for a custom refresh action
98266 P2 6.0M8 jglick ide RESOLVED IDE support for JDK projectization
89602 P2 6.0M8 dbalek java RESOLVED Generate code dialog
89604 (doc) P2 6.0M8 sandipchitale java RESOLVED Navigational outilnes
88684 (doc) P2 6.0M8 breh mobility RESOLVED Planning: Improved SVG support merge
89612 (doc) P2 6.0M8 - profiler RESOLVED [[[6.0Planning | [6.0 planning]] Support for the new profiling features in Java SE 6
89613 (doc) P2 6.0M8 - profiler RESOLVED [[[6.0Planning | [6.0 planning]] Profiling points and other UI improvements
89614 (doc) P2 6.0M8 - profiler RESOLVED [[[6.0Planning | [6.0 planning]] Heap Walker for the Profiler
42638 P2 6.0M8 tzezula projects RESOLVED [[[devrev | [devrev]] I18N - Provide support for File Encoding
89605 (doc) P2 6.0M8 jbecicka refactoring RESOLVED Language independent refactoring API
93470 (doc) P2 6.0M8 potingwu visualweb RESOLVED Alignment w/plain jsf prj via framework
95366 P3 6.0M8 mkleint apisupport RESOLVED Make NBM projects extensible by 3rd-party modules
90213 P3 6.0M8 saubrecht core RESOLVED allow associating the common palette with an existing editor
89593 (doc) P3 6.0M8 - junit RESOLVED [[[6.0Planning | [6.0 planning]] JUnit support usability improvements
92082 P3 6.0M8 jis profiler RESOLVED Profiling Points stable implementation
92096 P3 6.0M8 jis profiler RESOLVED Select Profiling Task dialog reimplementation
92097 P3 6.0M8 thurka profiler RESOLVED Prepare NetBeans Profiler for opensourcing
93713 (doc) P3 6.0M8 pzavadsky visualweb RESOLVED Move outline window into navigator window
89490 (doc) P1 6.0M9 arseniy form RESOLVED [[[6.0Planning | [6.0 planning]] Swing Application Framework support
89495 (doc) P1 6.0M9 arseniy form RESOLVED [[[6.0Planning | [6.0 planning]] Support for Swing data-aware applications
89473 (doc) P1 6.0M9 mfukala j2ee RESOLVED Integrate HTML/JSP editors with JavaScript
89598 P1 6.0M9 pflaska java RESOLVED Options for new features.
89188 (doc) P1 6.0M9 jjancura languages RESOLVED Generic Languages Support
89113 (doc) P1 6.0M9 jjancura scripting VERIFIED JavaScript Editing - syntax coloring, code completion, indentation, navigator...
99404 (doc) P1 6.0M9 lvv uml VERIFIED Code generation needs to use the NetBeans template mechanism to generate code
99451 (doc) P1 6.0M9 lvv uml VERIFIED Generate basic Java constructs using a template code generation mechanism
90451 (doc) P1 6.0M9 deva visualweb RESOLVED Migrate Visual Web Java modeler to Retouche
90532 (doc) P1 6.0M9 sandipchitale visualweb RESOLVED Migrate Visual Web refactoring to new Refactoring APIs
101685 P1 6.0M9 petertliu websvc RESOLVED REST full web services for entity beans
93509 P2 6.0M9 mkleint ant RESOLVED Extensible build scripts for projects
97854 P2 6.0M9 mkubec ant VERIFIED Provide FileEncodingQueryImplementation for freeform projects
100457 P2 6.0M9 apireviews core RESOLVED Ability to remove node-related navigator panels
93027 P2 6.0M9 jrechtacek core RESOLVED Improve uniqueness of unique ID
92033 P2 6.0M9 - form RESOLVED Implement visual menu designer
89439 (doc) P2 6.0M9 sherold j2ee RESOLVED Deployment of database drivers
90908 P2 6.0M9 sherold j2ee RESOLVED Move the bundled Tomcat server to installer/autoupdate
91757 P2 6.0M9 pjiricka j2ee RESOLVED Matisse requirements on Java EE/JPA for NetBeans 6.0
88680 P2 6.0M9 asotona mobility RESOLVED Planning: Project Configuration SPI
94604 P2 6.0M9 dsimonek openide VERIFIED Need atomic TopComponent replacement
94607 P2 6.0M9 pnejedly openide RESOLVED Support reusable editor tab
89626 (doc) P2 6.0M9 saubrecht tasklist RESOLVED New Task List / Problem window implemented in Core
98537 P2 6.0M9 wjprakash visualweb VERIFIED Migrate bundled JSF binaries to JSF 1.2_04
73198 P2 6.0M9 rnajman web RESOLVED WebProjectClassPathExtender should handle different kinds of libraries, Compile and Execute
98125 P3 6.0M9 apireviews core RESOLVED UndoRedo is not supported
89591 (doc) P3 6.0M9 - cvs RESOLVED [[[6.0Planning | [6.0 planning]] CVS Upgrade
89617 (doc) P3 6.0M9 - debuggerjpda RESOLVED [[[6.0Planning | [6.0 planning]] Debugger Usability improvements
89592 (doc) P3 6.0M9 - diff RESOLVED [[[6.0Planning | [6.0 planning]] Diff Upgrade
89479 P3 6.0M9 rnajman j2ee RESOLVED Import more Java EE source structures
20147 P3 6.0M9 saubrecht openide RESOLVED Add "Save As" option
99830 P3 6.0M9 lkotouc serverplugins VERIFIED Support for weblogic 10
89590 (doc) P3 6.0M9 - subversion RESOLVED [[[6.0Planning | [6.0 planning]] Subversion Upgrade
89586 (doc) P3 6.0M9 - versioncontrol RESOLVED [[[6.0Planning | [6.0 planning]] Versioning API
90468 P3 6.0M9 mbohm visualweb VERIFIED Add design time support for Project Dynamic Faces
110566 (doc) P1 6.0beta1 jrechtacek autoupdate RESOLVED Implement proposed concept of grouping modules in AU
110571 (doc) P1 6.0beta1 pbuzek ide STARTED To define the final list of modules which are visible in Autoupdate UI
106890 P1 6.0beta1 petertliu identity RESOLVED Remove identity from SOA
106653 P1 6.0beta1 martin_adamek j2ee NEW Rewrite the code completion for DB metadata in JPA entity classes to Retouche
88829 (doc) P1 6.0beta1 martin_adamek j2ee STARTED Make Java EE features work on top of Retouche
91888 (doc) P1 6.0beta1 jlahoda java RESOLVED Highlighting rewrite to new editor APIs
102058 P1 6.0beta1 mfukala languages RESOLVED Indentation of embedded schliemanns languages doesn't work
89324 P1 6.0beta1 tor ruby RESOLVED Ruby Editing
102410 P1 6.0beta1 - uml RESOLVED UML performance issues planned for 6.0.
103340 P1 6.0beta1 - uml RESOLVED UML 6.0 performance analysis
109641 P2 6.0beta1 mkubec core RESOLVED Update General Options panel according to UI Spec
113072 P2 6.0beta1 rkubacki core RESOLVED Support for ServiceTag on Solaris (and Linux)
90674 (doc) P2 6.0beta1 pjiricka j2ee NEW Remove closed source components in the Java EE area from the standard distribution
101031 P2 6.0beta1 mkrauskopf ruby RESOLVED Embedded Ruby debugging
89325 P2 6.0beta1 mkrauskopf ruby RESOLVED Ruby Remote Debugger
89326 P2 6.0beta1 tor ruby RESOLVED Ruby Project Infrastructure
97336 P2 6.0beta1 jjancura ruby RESOLVED yaml editting support
98367 P2 6.0beta1 tor ruby VERIFIED RHTML editing
106695 P2 6.0beta1 conover uml VERIFIED integrate new icons from xdesign
84530 P3 6.0beta1 jqian enterprise RESOLVED Should start the Application Server when trying to deploy Composite Application project
89327 P3 6.0beta1 tor ruby RESOLVED Ruby on Rails Support
97335 P3 6.0beta1 tor ruby RESOLVED enable calling Java from RoR and JRuby projects
74730 (doc) P1 6.0beta2 stepan_doubrava editor RESOLVED [[[ED3 | [ED-3]] Better default coloring for Java (and other languages)
89618 P2 6.1 - versioncontrol NEW [[[6.0Planning | [6.0 planning]] Add support for ClearCase
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