Status of the Feature Freeze for NetBeans 6


Core/Platform team

List of outstanding issues after feature freeze:

  • Options
  • General category panel changes
  • Misc / File Recognition panel
  • Plugin Manager
  • content related issues - final set of Update Centers and their content
  • Welcome screen
  • contents and layout to be finalized for Beta1 as discussed with docs team

Java EE team

Dropped features

EJB 2.1 Refactoring Support in 5.5
EJB 2.1 Visual Editor regressions in NetBeans 6.0
Some parts of the JPAVerification and EJBVerification
JSF from Entity wizard will be removed - 92009 (instead, a CRUD application sample will be added)
P3: Increase stability of j2ee apis - 54482
P3: Integration of ErrorHandler into HTTP monitor - 107412
Extending Web Frameworks API

Features not completed by the feature freeze date (June 15)

P2: Sample project: CRUD JSF/JPA application (replacing JSF from Entity wizard) - 107455
P1: Code completion for tables/fields in JPA annotations - 106653
P2: Upgrade Struts library to 1.3.8 - 98495
P1: cmp mapping code converted to retouche
P2: JMS and MDB related configuration of JBoss - 102138
There are missing parts in JSF Configuration model. Only few elements are in the model now.
not planned originally: Eliminate Advanced Options (Web Browsers node)
not planned originally: Get rid of usages of the deprecated org.openide.options module
not planned originally: New colors for JSP according to the latest spec
not planned originally: Inline help makeover

Other notable changes

Java BluePrints Solutions Catalog module was moved from the build to the Stable Update center

Scripting team

Features not completed by feature freeze date (June 15)

P1: Indentation for embedded languages (HTML, JSP, RHTML) - 102058
P1: API review for the Schliemann infrastructure - 90724
JRuby on rails deployment to JavaEE server - 99628
Debugger for JRuby on Rails


What follows is hopefully full list of outstanding issues in the Java/Editor team.

  1. One missing refactoring - Encapsulate field (Will be done after), not risky, easy to do, work in progress.
  2. Editor options - redo it according to the spec. Relatively large task. We will evaluate this after the M10 stabilization week. But it is likely to consume some time.
  3. We expect that we will have to devote some time to do changes in GUI either required by the fix UI of big IDE effort or those which will likely come up from the editor usability study.
  4. Some API cleanup still not done. We did first phase of the cleanup we want to continue. Obviously when we decide to change something we'll fix all usages throughout the codebase.
  5. We might want to add some API required for other teams e.g. searching for java types using a dialog. (required by web and debugger). This is not risky and should be easy.
  6. Some things to fix and partially rewrite which should not have impact on GUI or end-user and can be considered fixes but not easy fixes.


Mobility6FeatureFreeze section=1


All specifications finished. Some implementation work remains, mostly minor. Owners mentioned in parentheses (otherwise Pavel).

Remaining issues:

  • Editor Settings (mentioned by Hrebejk in Java)
  • GUI Builder - move 3 settings + colors settings from Advanced to Miscellaneous (Arseniy)
  • Implement File Recognizers settings (Tonda?)
  • Web Browsers - browser executable selection (Tonda)
  • View As Java Packages - move into View menu
  • CND Options - many options need to be moved, a few need to be removed
  • Remove all remaining advanced options - actions, menu bars, print, junit, etc.
  • Remove the Advanced options button
  • ProjectContextualMenus: Profiler action, SOA and UML project's menu
  • MainMenu - missing actions in Source menu (Hrebejk), missing items in Tools menu, move Profile menu, minor cleanup: Dynamic Help, Mobility Inspector, etc.
  • NewFileWizard: fix ordering, SQL template
  • MainToolbar: "attach profiler" action should be accessible via profiler drop-down button
  • Quick Find - integrate with Find and Find Selection


All features intended for 6.0 have been integrated. We do have some bugs as a result of these features, that will be fixed for 6.0. See WhatsCoolInNetBeans60


All planned features for M10 have been integrated except "Moving of wsdl modules to xml cluster" 103343 See New & Noteworthy in WSDL

Visual Web

All planned features for M10 have been integrated except 107080 which is in progress Feature list for M10 is here NewAndNoteWorthyMilestone10#section-NewAndNoteWorthyMilestone10-VisualWeb

Dropped Features for NetBeans 6

  • JSF Portlets support (Not planned for M10/FF)
  • Ability to Import HTML Pages into Visual JSF framework (Not planned for M10/FF)

Web Services

JAXB is feature complete

WSIT is feature complete.

Identity is feature complete except

REST is feature complete with the exception of

  • 106869 - Deferred for "future"

JAXWS is feature complete except

  • 100698 - API review for some of the
  • JAXWS API. Minimal risk. Will be started by M10.


  • Binding component plug-in framework
  • Add/delete/edit WSDL ports
  • Add/delete/edit connections
  • Add/delete/edit SE SU projects
  • Add/delete/edit external SE SU
  • CASA navigator
  • JavaEE SE support

drag-n-drop of NetBeans JavaEE projects into CASA connect JavaEE service unit endpoints with other endpoints

  • BC-BC support

allow BC-to-BC connection be made within CASA generate deployment artifacts needed to support BC-BC connections

  • Project plug-in framework
     allow external SE SU project to plug-in project specific extensions.

List of supported components

  • JMS BC
  • File BC
  • SQL SE



The following features are now frozen:

  • Customizable Code Generation
  • Domain Modeling Code Generation
  • Source Code Synchronization
  • UML options dialog


Hot Bugs

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