Download options for 6.0

In 6.0 M9 and 6.0 M10 we offer three download profiles

  • Basic: just enough to support Java SE
  • Standard: support for Java SE, EE and ME, GlassFish and Tomcat are bundled
  • Full: everything

Go to M10 download page to see how it works.

These three download options are somewhat arbitrary. Their names don't tell the users anything. "Basic" has very compelling feature set for Java development (e.g. Matisse, Java Profiler) in a very small download size, yet nobody is going to get anything called Basic. Small size doesn't imply basic.

Each download option should be optimized for a group of users. In 6.0 the following will be offered on the download page

  • NetBeans IDE: this is all-in-one download but where users can choose what they want to actually install at install time. If the users don't want to think or want to evaluate all standard features NetBeans IDE has to offer, this is the download they should get. In other words this is "The only IDE you need" Target audience: I want it all. I may choose to use a subset of it later but for now why should I have to choose less. After all it's free, isn't it?

    NetBeans IDE has become big, a lot bigger than in the past after consolidating all of the add-on packs into one IDE. Runtime performance shouldn't suffer because of this. We spend a whole lot of effort to make sure what you don't use doesn't hurt you (too much). The same principle is applied to the UI of the IDE. A lot of UI elements are project sensitive, ie they only show in the UI if certain project types are opened in the IDE.

    Nevertheless, there is still the smell of bloatware around here and a psychological need to have to download exactly what will be used later. For those users we have specialized downloads. A key factor to make it work is that no matter what the users download or install initially, they can always get add the left-out features via the Plugin Manager later. They can also disable or completely uninstall features they don't need anymore.

    Here are the special downloads. Note their names are still under discussion.
  • "NetBeans IDE für Java" 1: small download size but has all the standard features Java developers need. Not only to support Java SE. Developers could use it to write code for Java EE as well, if they feel comfortable with hand-coding Ant build script. Even with this small size, this download already has the Swing GUI Builder and Java Profiler. Support for NetBeans Plugin Development is also included.
    Target audience: I write all the code myself, I don't need code generators
  • "NetBeans IDE für Java EE": this is the de facto NetBeans classic (pre-6.0) plus Visual Web; it contains all support for Java SE and EE, including the Java web tier. Bundled with GlassFish and Apache Tomcat.
    Target audience: I want productivity in SE and EE development. I could write code myself but it would be good to have an IDE which is aware of the kind of EJB, JSP, Web apps I am doing. Visual JSF development is cool. Java EE 5 is doubly cool
  • "NetBeans IDE für Mobility": contains core Java features plus Mobility but without Java EE
    Target audience: Java mobility developers, java phone games and MIDlets, don't need Java EE backend
  • "NetBeans IDE für Ruby": contains plugins for Ruby/Rails development but no Java. Bundles JRuby but only as an implementation of Ruby language. If the users want Ruby/Java interoperability they should get Java support from Update Center or download "NetBeans IDE" and install both Java and Ruby support.
    Target audience: Ruby developers who have little interest in writing Java code
  • "NetBeans IDE für C/C++": contains plugins for C/C++ development but no Java, no Ruby.
    Target audience: Developers who care only about C/C++
  • NetBeans Platform: just the platform
    Target audience: RCP developers

Exact content of each download

Download Clusters/Runtimes Format Filename
NetBeans IDE Everything installers, zip basename.{exe,bin,dmg,zip}
NetBeans IDE für Java nb, platform, ide, java, profiler, apisupport, harness installers, zip basename-java.{exe,bin,dmg,zip}
NetBeans IDE für Java EE nb, platform, ide, java, profiler, apisupport, harness, xml, identity, enterprise, visualweb, glassfish, tomcat installers, zip basename-javaee.{exe,bin,dmg,zip}
NetBeans IDE für Mobility nb, platform, ide, java, profiler, apisupport, harness, mobility installers, zip basename-mobility.{exe,bin,zip}
(no .dmg, no Mac because we don't have WTK for Mac)
NetBeans IDE für Ruby nb, platform, ide, ruby installers, zip basename-ruby.{exe,bin,dmg,zip}
NetBeans IDE für C/C++ nb, platform, ide, cnd installers, zip basename-cnd.{exe,bin,dmg,zip}
NetBeans Platform platform zip basename-platform.zip

  • Note 0: basename: netbeans-6.0 for final release, netbeans-6.0-beta1 for beta1, netbeans-6.0-rc1 for RC1, netbeans-6.0-nightly-yyyymmddhhmm for nightlies
  • Note 1: NBI installer has a Customize panel to allow users to choose which components they want to install. This doesn't make sense for specialized downloads: NetBeans für Java, NetBeans für Ruby, NetBeans für Mobility, NetBeans für Java EE. Except for NetBeans für Java EE where there must be a panel to let users choose if they want to install GlassFish and Tomcat or not. Currently the "Basic" installer has a customize panel for the users to choose if they want to install "Base IDE" and "Java IDE" or not. This is wrong.
  • Note 2: NetBeand for Mobility exists for Windows and Linux only
  • Note 3: Source code (as a zipfile) must be offered directly in the download page. Doesn't have to be prominent but must be there. Like in M10

Mapping between clusters/runtimes and NBI visible components

  • Remove xml1 from "Base IDE" and add it into "Web and Java EE"
  • Add identity1 into "Web and Java EE"
  • CND should be added as a visible component in NBI "full" installer


  • Hudson continuous build script has been modified to generate the zip files with contents described in the table above. RE official nightly build should do the same
  • Redo generation of NBI installers = ?
  • Finalize the names of "NetBeans IDE für..." = ?
  • New download page = ?

1 this is to make it totally clear that names are under discussion

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