Additional Features (Beta) Update Center for NetBeans 6.0

This document lists all beta quality plugins that will be available on NetBeans Beta Update Center when NetBeans 6.0 will be released. This Update Center will be registered in Plugin Manager but will be turned on.

Name Description Category Owner
GlassFish v3 GlassFish v3 plugin for Web Container, Phobos, jRuby, PHP, etc... Application Server Shreedhar Ganapathy
Module Manager Original Module Manager from 5.5, now replaced by Plugin Manager, but still useful for plugin developers Developing NetBeans Jirka Rechtacek
REST Tooling Support for building RESTful web services using the JSR 311 API Web Services Srividhya Narayanan
WebSphere 6 Integration of IBM WebSphere Application Server 6 in NetBeans IDE Application Server Dileep Kumar
GWT4NB Support of Google Web Toolkit framework in NetBeans IDE Frameworks Tomasz Slota
INSANE library wrapper This module integrates the INSANE library. Libraries Petr Nejedly
JavaFX Tooling for JavaFX scripting language in NetBeans IDE Frameworks Alexei Mokeev
Jellytools Adds Jellytools library to Library Manager and JellyTestCase template. Jellytools is library for writing NetBeans UI tests. Testing Tools Jiri Skrivanek
Jemmy Module Adds Jemmy library to Library Mangager. Jemmy is library for writing Java UI tests. Testing Tools Jiri Skrivanek
Jemmy Support Provides useful tools helping to create Jemmy UI tests (e.g. Jemmy Component Generator, Resource Bundle Lookup, ...) Testing Tools Jiri Skrivanek
NB JUnit Adds NB JUnit library to library Manager. NB JUnit is NetBeans extension to JUnit including assertGC, assertSize, getWorkDir, LineDiff, etc. Testing Tools Jiri Skrivanek
NB JUnit IDE Integration Wraps NB JUnit and integrates it into the NetBeans IDE. Testing Tools Jiri Skrivanek
XTest Samples Provides XTest testing infrastructure samples on Anagrams Java project and NetBeans Platform based Paint Application. Testing Tools Jiri Skrivanek
XTest Module Installs XTest testing library, adds template to create tests infrastructure and adds XTest actions to project root node. Testing Tools Jiri Skrivanek
Portal Pack Full life-cycle support of portlet application development Frameworks Satya Ranjan
DTrace Graphical User Interface for running DTrace scripts. Debugging Nasser Nouri
PHP Support Support for editing PHP files and PHP runtime explorer Laguages Support Alexei Mokeev
Visual Web JSF Post Release samples This module contains samples that demonstrate how to build Ajax enabled web applications using NetBeans Web & Java EE Chau Nguyen
jMaki Support for JavaScript centric Ajax-enabled web applications using Java, Ruby, PHP and Phobos. Ajax Ludovic Champenois
OpenOffice.org Integration Support for developing add-ons for popular OpenOffice OpenOffice Steff Grund
Missing Module Resolver Automatic fixing of unsatisfied dependencies between modules via UC Tools Jiri Rechtacek
Stack Trace Analyzer Easy navigation from external stack trace to source code Tools Jan Becicka
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