NetBeans 6.0 Beta 2 Fixing

This page defines NetBeans 6.0 Beta 2 bug fixing guidelines

Important Beta 2 abbreviations

Beta 2 branch release60_beta2
Stopper fixed Status whiteboard beta2fix

Beta 2 branch is in High Resistance and only fixes for showstoppers demanded by QE can go in.

Fixing stoppers for Beta 2

  1. HR starts on Sat, Oct 13th at release60_beta2 when branch is done
    1. trunk is opened for any integrations.
  2. Build is done from Beta 2 branch daily.
  3. Beta 2 fixes are only stoppers (P1) selected by QE.
  4. Status whiteboard beta2fix (issues) will be used to mark bugs fixed for Beta 2 branch
  5. Bug to be fixed during HR has to be sent to reviewersATnetbeans.org with description
  6. Bug is integrated into release60_beta2 branch. (commits)

Fixing of all priorities continues in trunk. No waiver process for Beta2. If we are waiving then for FCS.

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