NB69 Debugger

Planned features and tasks in java debugger and debugger infrastructure for NetBeans 6.9.

Priorities: P1: need to do (but it's not really a release driver/stopper in this area), P2: want to do, P3: nice to have (only if time permits).


Priority Description Owner Date Notes
P1 Interactive variable tooltips in editor Martin Entlicher feature freeze Requires API from editor: 59336
P1 Breakpoints window redesign Martin Entlicher M1, done Breakpoints management spec.
P2 Drag&Drop of watches (from editor) Martin Entlicher M1, done
P2 Architectural improvements Martin Entlicher 171213 in M1, done E.g. 171213, 177561, 174774
P2 Other improvements Dan Prusa, Martin Entlicher Planned list in BZ.
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