NB69 CDevPlan

Planned features and tasks for NetBeans 6.9 in version control (VCS), issue tracking and Kenai integration areas.


Priorities: P1: need to do (but it's not really a release driver/stopper in this area), P2: want to do, P3: nice to have (only if time permits).

Kenai Integration

Priority Description Resources Owner Date Notes
P2 Support for multiple Kenai instances, distinguish dedicated vs. public instances 40+10dd Jan Becicka, Tomas Stupka M1, done All c-dev areas affected, incl. chat and bugtracking
P2 Project manipulation: bookmark/unbookmark, delete 5dd Jan Becicka M1, done Requires Kenai API: KENAI-455, KENAI-1487
P2 XMPP notifications about changed issues 5+5dd Jan Becicka, Tomas Stupka Requires KENAI-1096
P3 Dedicated UI for notifications 10dd Jan Becicka

Requirements on Kenai:

  • API for project bookmark/unbookmark/delete: KENAI-455, KENAI-1487.
  • XMPP notifications for issues: KENAI-1096.
  • Bigger retention history for chat rooms (with notifications the current limit of 50 is not enough). TODO suggest a number and file request on Kenai.
  • Offline chat messages for 1:1 chat should work: KENAI-1335.


Priority Description Resources Owner Date Notes
P1 More flexible UI for reviewing and committing changes 40dd Tomas Stupka Partially in M1 Usability of the versioning view, diff and commit dialog in all VCS. Also needs some re-arch. to avoid code duplication.
P1 Asynchronous annotations (caching, performance) 10dd Ondrej Vrabec M1, done For all VCS
P1 Recognize external changes (Hg) 5dd Ondrej Vrabec M1, done 126156
P2 Other improvements 60dd individual FF Planned list in BZ.

Issue tracking Support

Priority Description Resources Owner Date Notes
P1 Mylyn upgrade (to version 3.3.1) 5dd Tomas Stupka M1, done Need to upgrade to be able to use new Bugzilla version (3.4). Also makes JIRA access significantly faster.
P2 API for integrating issue trackers 15dd Tomas Stupka Expose SPI for basic-level integration of bugtracking systems
P2 Usability improvements 50dd Tomas Stupka, Jan Stola FF Planned list in BZ.
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