NetBeans Update Center for NetBeans 6.8

This document lists all stable quality plugins that will be available on NetBeans Update Center when NetBeans 6.8 Beta, RC and FCS will be released. Besides, this Update Center will provide all modules that are part of the full standard distribution. Also available is the list for the Beta Update Center and 3rd Party Update Center.

Name Description Category Owner Status L10n
BlueJ Plugin BlueJ Project support Java Milos Kleint (mkleint) Published Localized
JBuilder importer Tool for automated import of java projects from JBuilder 2005 and 2006 Projects Milan Kubec (mkubec) Published Localized
NetBeans API Docs NetBeans API Docs for plugin developers Documentation Richard Michalsky (rmichalsky) Published
Sakila Sample DB MySQL Sakila sample database DB Jiri Rechtacek (jrechtacek) Published Localized
Subversion 1.6 for Windows Subversion v 1.6 client binaries with JavaHL bindings for Windows Bridges Tomas Stupka (tstupka) Published
Facelets Support of Facelets 1.1.14 framework in Web Applications development Web Petr Jiricka Published
JAXRPC Web Services (websvc.jaxrpckit) Tooling for building JAXRPC web services and clients Web Services Milan Kuchtiak Published Localized
Web Server 7.0 (contrib/j2ee.sun.ws7) Support for development and execution of webapps with the Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Web & Java EE Uma Sabada Published
Apache Ant documentation Needed by any users writing nontrivial Ant scripts Documentation Jesse Glick (jglick) Published
DTrace GUI Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Dynamic Tracing (DTrace). Debugging Nasser Nouri Published
JIRA Support Support for JIRA - integrated issue tracking. Team Tomas Pavek Published
ScanOnDemand Give user more control over scanning Infrastructure Jaroslav Tulach Published
Portal Pack Full life-cycle support of portlet application development. Frameworks Satya Ranjan (satyaranjan) Published Localized
JMX (jmx, jmx.common, jconsole) JMX MBeans, Agent, and Manager Development Monitoring & Management support Jean-Francois Denise (jfdenise) Published Localized
JMeter (jmeter, jmeter-kit, loadgen-profiler-bridge, loadgenerator) Apache JMeter tool integration Profiling, Testing Tomas Hurka (thurka) Published Localized
JavaCard Java Card support for NetBeans 6.8 Web & Java EE Tim Boudreau Published
Fantom Support for the Fantom programming language. Editing Thibaut Colar (t_colar) Published
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