NetBeans 6.8 Quality Engineering Plan


QE schedule

This QE schedule defines main QE activities to be done according to overall NetBeans68 / Internal page plans.

Task Activity Dates(Release) Description
Milestone 1 testing Jul 24-30 (Aug 3) NB68M1GoNoGo
Feature readiness check Aug 17-18 (Aug 19) NB68ReadyForFeatureFreeze
Feature Freeze Sep 3-4 (Sep 6) NB68ReadyForFeatureFreeze
Beta testing Sep 14-18 (Sep 21) NB68BetaGoNoGo
A11Y/I18N testing Sep 22-25 NB68A11YandI18Ntesting
Solaris & Vista testing Sep 28-Oct 2 NB68TestingProgress
MacOS testing Oct 5-10 NB68TestingProgress
Submit 508 form Oct 12 as a result of NB68A11YandI18Ntesting & following bugfixing
Ubuntu testing Oct 12-17 NB68TestingProgress
Samples & Help testing Oct 19-20 NB68SamplesAndHelpTesting
Win XP testing Oct 21-29 NB68TestingProgress
Code Freeze (Oct 30)
RC1 Testing:Go/No Go Nov 2-5:6 (Nov 9) NB68RC1GoNoGo
RC2 Testing:Go/No Go Nov 9-12:13 (Nov 16) NB68RC2GoNoGo
FCS Testing Nov16-19: (Nov 23) NB68GoNoGo, NetBeans68InstallerTesting, NetBeans68UpgradeTesting

Responsibilities & Coverage for particular features

The whole coverage matrix and table of responsibilities is available at NB68TestingProgress.

Manual tests :

  • Features Coverage during release cycle ( in details) :
  • Full test - for Primary Features and Quality Modules- run all Test Specifications on all platforms and default JDK(on specific platform) once a release, if time permits cover by "second supported JDK" / "JDK7"
  • Acceptance test - for some Modules in Maintenance Mode - run all Test Specifications just on one platform and default JDK(on specific platform) once a release
  • Sanity test - for some Modules in Maintenance Mode - run Sanity Test Specification or subset of all Test Specifications on one or more platforms and default JDK(on specific platform) once release
  • Features Coverage for Milestones :

Automated tests :

Other testing areas

  • A11Y and I18N testing - we'll do test I18N/A11Y only in areas those changed UI a lot in NB 6.8 or hasn't been tested yet
  • Installer testing - we'll do test installers on all supported platforms and JDKs, as part of installation test QE team performs also minimal testing of the installed components functionality to verify successful installation. We will also test NetBeans 6.8 native packaging for OpenSolaris, Fedora and Ubuntu operating systems. (do also upgrade all modules test!!!)
  • Download new feature testing - QE will do download new feature testing after that do sanity test of downloaded feature as preparation for upgrade testing (e.g. NetBeans671UpgradeTesting)
  • Update Center plugins testing - QE will do upgrade/installation testing of new plugins provided on <nop>NetBeans Stable Update Centers at time of RC1 and FCS releases
  • Import Settings testing - QE will perform test of importing settings from previous versions (the list of versions ?)
  • Help and samples testing - QE will perform test of IDE integrated help from within the IDE. Test will focus on verifying if correct help topics are assigned to UI elements. Samples provided for IDE will be tested to verify particular functionality. Main focus will be on samples bundled within IDE. Samples provided on web will be tested if time permits.
  • Bundles testing - NetBeans 6.8 will be delivered with J2SE 6.0 ( JDKNBBundleInstallerUninstallerTests), Java EE SDK and MySQL+GlassFish bundles. The testing will be performed on all NetBeans supported platforms by QE team.

Customer Acceptance

NetBeans 6.8 will have its own NB68NetCAT program. Its purpose will be to get community feedback on the main new functional areas and also to have untested features covered. It will start with Feature Freeze and finish with Release Candidate 1. Jiri Kovalsky will coordinate the program. Besides, Community Acceptance survey focused on release drivers will be organized to gather data for Phase 5 Exit presentation in the end.

QE deliverables

QE will be responsible for NetBeans 6.8 Bugs dashboard containing main quality indicators for NetBeans 6.8, NetBeans 6.8 Comparative Dashboard as well as detailed Performance dashboard. QE will report major bugs weekly and provide the update for bug statistics.

QE Risks

Risks are covered in Phase 2 document presented to PAC on July/15 2009.

Testing participants & responsibilities

Area Owner
Platform & BTD IS - Ivan Sidorkin
Maven, Emb. browser JPo - Jaroslav Pospisil
PHP FZ - Filip Zamboj
Ruby TM - Tomas Musil
Debugger VS - Vojta Sigler
C-dev JU - Jara Uhrik
Editor/Java JPr - Jirka Prox, PPi - Peter Pis
Projects PD - Petr Dvorak
Form, Support Modules PPr - Pavel Pribyl
DB MH - Martin Havle
VCS DK - Daniel Krezelok
Java EE MS - Martin Schovanek / MM - Michal Mocnak
JavaScript MZ - Martin Zmrhal
Web, JSP, HTML, CSS JS - Jindrich Sedek
XML, Installer/AU MN - Michael Nazarov
Mobility ACh - Andrei Chistiakov
Java FX AS - Alexandr Scherbatiy, LH - Lukas Hasik
CnD AP - Alexander Pepin
Profiler MD - Matus Dekanek
Performance OK - Oleg Khokhlov
Server Plugins DN - Davis Nguyen
Other responsibilities
A11Y JU - Jara Uhrik
I18N MV - Michal Vanek

Other Planned Tasks

Task Owner Deadline Status Description
Jelly split VS Jun/15 DONE
Setup Findbugs job for teams running out of SWAN IS Jul/31 DONE http://qa-findbugs.netbeans.org/
Post-mortem analyses of NB 6.7 HR fixes All Jul/31 DONE
Organize once a 4-6 weeks Performance Focus test to get tested OK Jul/31 DONE July/29 - first round
Setup server with all supported Databases MH Jul/31 Prepare server with latest versions of Databases as defined in NB68TestedPlatformAndRuntimes
Collect data about our HW MM Aug/1
NB68SanityTestSpecifications - create list of Sanity Test Specifications as basement for Go/No Go testing of Milestone/Beta/RC builds All Aug/15
NB & Eclipse DB support comparison MH Aug/27
NB 6.7 HR fixes - cover not yet covered parts All Aug/31
Collect at least real-projects (at least 1 project for 1 feature) All Aug/31
Automated tests for refactoring JPr Aug/31
Stabilize Automated tests for junit,javahelp,form,properties (preferable cover Sanity Test Specification) PPr Aug/31
Address feedback from first round of Performance Testing OK Aug/31
NB68BinaryTestDistributionTasks - Binary Tests Distribution enhancements collecting & implementation IS Sep/15
VCS servers consolidation DK Aug/31 Collect info from link and link
Usages/Statistics consolidation FZ Sep/15
Jemmy fixes IS Sep/15
Collect NB68KenaiIntegrationUseCases and ?implement fixes? PD Sep/4 - use cases collected, enhancements reported
c-dev functional tests for share/Create/login/open BZ query in Kenai JU Sep/15
Automatize NB Installation/Upgrade test specifications ? Sep/30 as documented for NB 6.7.1 : NetBeans671UpgradeTesting and NetBeans671InstallerTesting
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