Plan for NB 6.8 Performance improvements

This is an implementation plan for performance improvements targeted for NetBeans 6.8 release. It covers work done by the performance team and also many important issues solved by other teams. Still, this is not all performance work being done for 6.8 (e.g. fixing reported performance bugs is not included).

For an overview of what has been considered see the list of performance topics.



This plan is divided into milestones by two weeks. The paragraph under each milestone describes what should be done (finished) by the date of the milestone. The plan is checked and updated weekly (on Monday).

June 8

June 22

  • Image:yes.png Pavel: Ergonomics fine tuning: Servers not visible in Tools -> Servers after activating Ruby, IZ 166184
  • Image:yes.png Jarda: Fix tests in scalability module
  • Image:yes.png Oleg: Fix WhitelistTest$1R.initializationError and WhitelistTest.testWhitelist3
  • Image:yes.png Oleg: Cold start numbers on Linux (Solaris)
  • tests to measure start time on more platforms (Linux, Solaris)

July 6

July 20

  • Image:yes.png Jarda: Read Tests analysed and reported and fixed IZ 168874
  • Image:yes.png Vita: Files crawling is slow; mostly due to mime-type resolution - IZ 166340
  • Image:yes.png Jarda: no file writes on startup (part of commit validation)
  • Image:yes.png "Oleg": fix notifications

August 3

August 17

  • DBObject usages - 5.5 - 75-95s - Mx256m
  • DBObject usages - 6.5.1 - OOME, with Mx increased to 768M 50-65s
  • DBObject usages - 6.7.1 - 140-175s, with Mx increased to 768M 85-93s
  • DBObject usages - trunk - 155-170s - default -Mx, in this case 500M. (with Mx256m OutOfMemoryError), with Mx 768M 75-80s
  • DBObject usages - eclipse galileo - 12-15s
  • identifier index improves some specific cases (method searches etc.), but it seems we have big problem with underlying infrastructure
  • Image:yes.png list of usecases (test plan)
  • progress of background scanning

August 31

  • Image:yes.png needs fix for Issue 166020 too
  • Image:yes.png enable testGCProjects in java.kit/**/MemoryValidationTest.java

September 14

  • Pavel & Vita: Issue 133943 Make the IDE usable during scanning. Do not block the following operations even during scanning (don't need to wait):

September 28

  • Image:yes.png Vita: More efficient batch operations I: Don't scan during deleting multiple files Issue 172199
  • Image:yes.png Jarda: FoD activation time test

October 12

October 26

  • Image:yes.png Víťa: More efficient batch operations II: Interaction with VCS Issue 167098
  • Image:yes.png Jarda: Slowness detector - production mode (changeset)

Task dropped from the plan

  • Fixed by improving I/O operations for 6.7
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