NetBeans 6.8 M1 Testing Status

Area Owner Testing Notes/Issues Build(s) tested Go/No Go Status
Maven Jaroslav Pospisil Sanity test / Win Vista 200907290201
Emb. browser Jaroslav Pospisil Sanity test / Win Vista 200907290201 NOGO (mmocnak due to Issue 169536)
PHP Filip Zamboj/Martin Havle 200907290201, 200907300201 GO
Ruby Michal Vanek
Debugger Vojta Sigler 200907270201, 200907280201, 200907290201 Go
C-dev Jara Uhrik 2009-07-26_02-01-10
Editor/Java Jirka Prox
Projects Petr Dvorak 200907290201 GO
Form, Support Modules Pavel Pribyl
DB Martin Havle 200907300201 GO
VCS Daniel Krezelok
Java EE Martin Schovanek / Michal Mocnak Found 169536 Issue 169536 in embedded browser 2009-07-26_02-01-10
JavaScript Martin Zmrhal
Web, JSP, HTML, CSS Jindrich Sedek Issue 169285 is already fixed 200907280201 GO
XML, Installer/AU Michael Nazarov Issue 169445 high priority, not against standard installation 200907280201 TBD
Mobility Andrei Chistiakov 200907270201 200907290201 Go
Java FX Alexandr Scherbatiy x x not a part of M1
CnD Alexander Pepin 169411 Issue 169411 is fixed now 200907290201, 200907300201, 200908022240 Go
Profiler Matus Dekanek 2009-07-28_02-01-10, 200907310201,200908022240 ubuntu,winxp Go
C/V, Platform Ivan Sidorkin NOGO (mmocnak due to Issue 169015)
Performance Oleg Khokhlov
Server Plugins Davis Nguyen


  1. download last build (build available http://bits.netbeans.org/netbeans/6.8/m1)
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