1. QA Phase 1

1.1 Test Matrix

Full Test

OS H/W Language
Windows XP Pro SP3 x86 zh_CN
OpenSolaris 2009.06 x64/x86 ja
Ubuntu 9.04 x86 pt_BR
Mac OS X 10.5 Intel ja

Sanity Test

OS H/W Language
Windows Vista Business SP1 x86 zh_CN
Solaris 10 SPARC ja
RHEL 5 x86 pt_BR

1.2 Test Cases

Component Test Case Owner
Install/Download Page Masaki
Java SE(including Maven, Groovy) Masaki
Team Masaki
Web Service Keiichi
Ruby Rebecca
PHP Rebecca
JavaFX Rebecca
C/C++ Keiichi
Mobility Magda
Web/Java EE Keiichi

You can find 6.7 test cases in NB67L10nTestCases.

2. QA Phase 2 (RC/FCS Sanity Testing)


Language OS Installer Go/NoGo
zh_CN Windows Ruby on Windows XP (200911250945)
PHP on Window Vista (200911250945)
JavaFX on Window 7 (200911250945)
GO (small UI issues on Windows 7, not a stopper)
ja Mac OS X All(200911252200) GO
ja Solaris All(200911222341)
CND(200911222341 x86)
Java(200911250945 x86/SPARC)
All(200911252200 x86/SPARC)
Java(200911252200 x86/SPARC)
pt_BR Linux Java,JavaSE,All(200911252200) GO
Community Solaris JavaSE(200911222354),JavaSE(200911261019) GO


Language OS Installer Go/NoGo
zh_CN Windows 200912041610(All, Java) GO
ja Mac OS X 200912041610(All, Ruby) GO
ja Solaris 200912041610 SPARC(Java,JavaSE,Ruby,C/C++,PHP,All)
200912041610 x86(Java,JavaSE,Ruby,C/C++,PHP,All)
pt_BR Linux 200912041610 (All) GO
Community Solaris x86 200912040910 (JavaSE - ca es fr pt_PT gl_ES it ko ru) GO
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