Checklist for NetBeans 6.8 ML release



for RC2 and FCS


Download page

Please check the download page is localized or not from your browsers.

  • select platform, message will be changed for platform specific information
  • All URLs to rel notes and install guide are correct? These values are defined in .js files.

Installer & Registration

Try to install by all installer and verify the service tag

  • Install it with network connection
  • Install it without network connection (local html file will be displayed, the page should be localized)
  • ./nb6.8/reglib/reglib/org/netbeans/modules/reglib/resources/register_ja.html

UC URL (FCS only)

_Only_ stable UC URL needs to be added lang specific URL:

  • ./nb6.8/updatecenters/updatecenters/org/netbeans/modules/updatecenters/resources/Bundle_**.properties
  • URL_Standard

We need to add _ja. Please add zh_CN and pt_BR.


Localized UC will be available after FCS build, currently it's not available.

Locale Specific URLs

Please try to add /ja/, /zh_CN/ and /pt_BR/ into the following URLs. You can update TM before you generate files.

  • */uihandler/uihandler/org/netbeans/modules/uihandler/Bundle_*.properties
  • installer/engine/src/org/netbeans/installer/wizard/components/panels/netbeans/Bundle_*.properties
See <a href="http://www.netbeans.org/about/usage-tracking_pt_BR.html">more information</a>.
  • platform11/org-netbeans-core-ui/org-netbeans-core-ui/org/netbeans/core/ui/options/general/Bundle_*.properties


Please replace BACKSLASH_U with
in the following file.
  • ide*/javascript-hints/javascript-hints/org/netbeans/modules/javascript/hints/Bundle_*.properties

Service Tag(FCS ONLY)

Please check servicetag.allow.create and servicetag.allow.register are true in these files.

  • other/installer/engine/branding/mysql/src/data/engine.properties
  • other/installer/engine/src/data/engine.properties

These updates happened after the final l10n is ready. I'll ask Dmitry to update them too!

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