CVS Testing on Windows XP in NetBeans 6.8

Test started: 2009-08-24 Test completed: 2009-08-27 Test result: __GO with reservations

My reservation is Suite 3 test 13 an inability to reverse a delete file operation. If it were repeatable it would be a show stopper. However, my efforts to produce a short sequence to demonstrate the failure have been unsuccessful. I don't know if it was operator error in the original test or a complicated sequence of events (it was day 2 about 6 hrs into the test suite). Until it can be reproduced I recommend we blame it on me. I don't think we should hold up release for this.

There are 54 tests in the suites. Pass: 35, Comments: 12, Fail: 7, Not Done: 0

In my opinion this revision should be released although several of the tests produced exceptions (all previously reported) and some serious deficiencies;

  • My #1 worry is the failure to restore a deleted file on revert. Suite 2, task 13.
  • The other major flaw is the grayed out commands on the project's context menu.
  • I also noticed NetBeans specific files (nbproject dir, build.xml ...) were not in the repository. This may be my error.

I do not feel these problems are 6.8 specific. The deficiencies do not keep ME from doing my work.

I apologize but I didn't verify the CVS version on my system before I started. It is from a recent download of cygwin but much older than the version I use on LINUX for my own work. If I have time I will upgrade to the latest version and repeat some of the tests. If it is an issue may I suggest that the IDE verify a minimum compatible version is installed.

Also I mixed local and remote repositories and used several projects. At the time, I felt I was getting cascading errors. My current theory is that there are a small number of underlying issues that manifest themselves in several of the tests.

These tests were run with:

 Product Version         = NetBeans IDE Dev (Build 200908210201) (#8d73ddc3c45c)
Operating System = Windows XP version 5.1 running on x86
Java; VM; Vendor = 1.6.0_11; Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM 11.0-b16; Sun Microsystems Inc.
Runtime = Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment 1.6.0_11-b03

For local repository: Concurrent Versions System (CVS) 1.12.13 (client/server) on same WinXP

For remote repository: Concurrent Versions System (CVS) 1.11.22 (client/server) on Linux x86_64

Individual results (1=pass, 2=pass with comments, 3=fail, 0=not done)

Details of the test are in the Test Specification .

Test suite: 1. Setting up CVSRoot - Pass: 4, Comments: 1, Fail: 0

Result Test Description Comments Link
1 1. CVS pserver connection
2 2. CVS ext I'm not sure yet how to use the command line when I need a password
1 3. CVS local
1 4. CVS fork
1 5. Change CVS root

Test suite: 2. Importing new project - Pass: 1, Comments: 0, Fail: 0

Result Test Description Comments Link
1 1. Project import

Test suite: 3. Standard development of project - Pass: 19, Comments: 4, Fail: 1

Result Test Description Comments Link
1 1. "CVS Tab
1 2. Update action
1 3. File modifying
1 4. File differences this one is just the sidebar
1 5. File differences
1 6. CVS tab action Empty template file already exists in that directory.
1 7. Open file from "CVS" tab
1 8. Commit file
1 9. Creation of patch
1 10. Applying patch I'm not sure what the 2 visualizers are ("Graphical Diff Viewer" and "Textual Diff Viewer" visualizers.)
1 11. Create conflict
1 12. Resolve conflict
2 13. Delete file failed on revert delete with the following error:
cvs checkout aborted: Failed to restore current directory 'NULL': No such file or directory. current root (:fork:/cygdrive/d/cvs/cvsroot/).
I redid the test with a minimal test case see link, without an error.
exception already reported #156053 -- File:MinimalTest3-13 NB68CVSTestingWinXP.odt Minimal test case without error
1 14. Delete locally new file
3 15. Project Deletion According to the test spec the result of deleting a project is "All files should appear in "CVS" tab. These files should be in "Locally Deleted" status."
I get an empty CVS tab which is what I expected.
I can checkout sources but project itself is gone
2 16. Exclude file from commit Test spec on this one needs some work.
If the commit dialog is open (step 2) it is modal and I can't switch to cvs tab (step 3).
Also if all the new files are excluded from commit the commit button is grayed out. It is working as I expect it to.
1 17. Exclude from commit
1 18. Ignore file
2 19. Working with ignored file Works as I expect it, but test spec says file should be black in project view. On my system it is gray.
Also test spec says "click on project root, select Versioning/Commit, on my system it is CVS/Commit
1 20. Unignore file
1 21. Reverting modifications
2 22. Status and labels
1 23. Actions in Projects view
1 24. Refactoring

Test suite: 4. Working with Tags and Branches - Pass: 5, Comments: 2, Fail: 1

Result Test Description Comments Link
1 1. Tag creation
2 2. Tag switch for avoiding tagging locally modified files
3 3. Tag switch for move existing tag Revert (step #1) threw an exception. Search history (step #6) showed more than the last 2 revisions. Step 8, moving tag still shows multiple revisions. exception already reported in step 13 above #156053
1 4. Tag deletion
1 5. Branch creation
1 6. Committing to branch
1 7. Multiple branches
2 8. Merge from branches Conflict dialog happened on step 6 but Test suite says it shouldn't happen until step #11. It did not occur at step #11. I think IDE/CVS did it correctly always leaving me in a state where all changes were available

Test suite: 5. Inspecting Sources - Pass: 4, Comments: 4, Fail: 4

Result Test Description Comments Link
1 1. Annotations
2 2. Annotations actions I don't see the search history tab in step 6
3 3. Search history Context menu on project->CVS has everything grayed out.
Selecting search history on project results in an error dialog:
cvs (rlog aborted): Failed to restore current directory, `(NULL)'.: No such file or directory.
However after the error dialog function seems to work correctly. But this only occured with a :fork: repository using an :ext: on a remote linux system executed without error.
1 4. Summary functionality works but displays same error reported in task 3.
2 5. Summary actions Find commit in my project or open project produces an error dialog cvs (rlog aborted): Failed to restore current directory, `(NULL)'.: No such file or directory
2 6. Find commit in "Project" same comment as task 3.
2 7. Find commit in Open Projects same comment as task 3.
3 8. Diff functionality project root has all CVS tasks grayed out except commit and revert changes. Selecting a package allowed show history
3 9. Diff actions Right clicking on "MyApp2AboutBox.form" produced an exception
(java.lang.AssertionError: File revisions must consist from even tokens:
However right clicking on "MyApp2AboutBox.java" opened the file in the diff window and produced the expected menu no error.
previously reported with 11 duplicates Report 156098
1 10. Diff arrows
1 11. Exploring revisions
3 12. Random search Search History grayed out on project node but works on packages and files

Test suite: 6. CVS Options - Pass: 2, Comments: 1, Fail: 1

Result Test Description Comments Link
2 1. Opening CVS Options Test Spec says 2 check box options but there are now 3 "Automatically prune directories after checkout" is missing from test spec
1 2. Status Label Format
3 3. Exclude New Files From Commit Project root->commit says "There are no files to commit." However package-> commit works as expected
1 4. Wrap Commit Messages

Comments on Test Specification TS_61_CVS

  • As mentioned by Mario Perez there are references to svn.
  • Many references to the Versioning Menu which has been renamed Team or CVS
  • There were a few comments on expected results not matching exactly that seemed to imply test spec was for a previous version.
  • Overall it is a very complete, well written test suite.

Joe Areeda

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