CVS Testing on Ubuntu 8.04 for NB6.8

Test started: 01:07 17-Aug-2009 Test completed: 00:33 19-Aug-2009 Test result: go Dedicated about 7 hours (2 + 3 + 2)

Test #23 in "Standard development of project" test suit failed but related bugs aren't showstoppers.

Individual results (1=pass, 2=pass with comments, 3=fail, 0=not done)

Details of the test are in the TS_61_CVS .

General comments: In NB6.7 "Versioning" menu was renamed to "Team".

Test suite: Setting up CVSRoot

Result Test Description Comments Link
1 1. CVS pserver connection
1 2. CVS ext
1 3. CVS local
1 4. CVS fork
1 5. Change CVS root

Test suite: Importing new project

Result Test Description Comments Link
1 1. Project import

Test suite: Standard development of project

Result Test Description Comments Link
1 1. "CVS Tab
1 2. Update action
1 3. File modifying
1 4. File differences
1 5. File differences
2 6. CVS tab action The "expected result" in the test spec references svn while we're testing cvs server.
1 7. Open file from "CVS" tab
2 8. Commit file An empty Template file already exists in CVS directory
1 9. Creation of patch
2 10. Applying patch There is no Visualizer combo box, so I can't switch to textual diff (the test spec should be updated if this combo is no more available). The rest of the expected result was ok, command line: diff {0} {1} (default)
1 11. Create conflict
1 12. Resolve conflict
1 13. Delete file
1 14. Delete locally new file
2 15. Project Deletion When test specs say "Add this project into the source control" I did "Versioning->Import into CVS repository..." in project's popup menu. // This test produced a different behavior in Windows XP as seen in Windows XP test report . To obtain this behavior in Ubuntu I must manually delete the project file structure from the shell after deleting it through the IDE, because it's retained anyway, no matter if I check the "also delete files" option in the confirmation dialog. May be the project file structure is actually deleted when running on Windows
2 16. Exclude file from commit Steps 2 and 3 are alternative ways to bring up the commit dialog. Test spec should use only one of them for avoiding confusion. There is no "Include in commit" action, instead of that there is a "Exclude from commit" option which appears unchecked when files aren't excluded. Also the commit button becomes disabled after excluding both files from commit, because there is nothing to commit. So it must be included a third modified file (i.e Main.java) for allowing the commit action. This way it works.
1 17. Exclude from commit
1 18. Ignore file
1 19. Working with ignored file
2 20. Unignore file Currently popup action is CVS->Unignore instead of Versioning->Unignore
1 21. Reverting modifications
1 22. Status and labels
3 23. Actions in Projects view Tag action applies recursively, so if we tag aa package, aa.bb.NewClass also gets tagged. Merge changes from branch action also applies recursively, so when I merge on aa package, classes in the aa.bb package also merges from branch. Bug 170758 Bug 170759
2 24. Refactoring In step 3 file project.properties also is listed in cvs tab after renaming Main.java because main.class property in this file is updated by the ide. In step 6, the new name is entered directly in the special window, there is no dialog before with "next" button. There is no Main class in xx package at this point. The two classes in xx.yy package at this point are NewClass2 and NewJFrame

Test suite: Working with Tags and Branches

Result Test Description Comments Link
1 1. Tag creation
1 2. Tag switch for avoiding tagging locally modified files
1 3. Tag switch for move existing tag
1 4. Tag deletion
1 5. Branch creation
1 6. Committing to branch
1 7. Multiple branches
2 8. Merge from branches Steps 7 and 8 can't be performed, because these files were modified in the trunk, so we won't see the changes in the branch. Also it should be tested merge from branch (to trunk), so switch to trunk the project, invoke "Merge Changes from Branch" and set "new_branch" in Until: Branch Head radio field of the dialog

Test suite: Inspecting Sources

Result Test Description Comments Link
2 1. Annotations I don't know what "Stripes" are
1 2. Annotations actions
1 3. Search history
1 4. Summary functionality
2 5. Summary actions The actions listed in the popup menu depends on the selected record
1 6. Find commit in "Project"
1 7. Find commit in Open Projects
1 8. Diff functionality
1 9. Diff actions
1 10. Diff arrows
1 11. Exploring revisions
1 12. Random search

Test suite: CVS Options

Result Test Description Comments Link
2 1. Opening CVS Options There is a new configurable option "Automatically prune directories after checkout"
1 2. Status Label Format
1 3. Exclude New Files From Commit
1 4. Wrap Commit Messages
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